M. Pharm. (Pharmacology)

Pharmacology is a major subject in drug discovery. It deals with the research, discovery and characterization of chemicals which show biological effects and the elucidation of cellular and organismal function in relation to these chemicals. Area of research involves oncology, fertility, infertility, anti-fertility, diabetes, obesity and cell line based molecular research, CNS disorders including stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, drug abuse, and cardiovascular complications. Efforts are being made to develop animal models of mentioned disorders and NCEs including synthetic, semi-synthetic and herbals are evaluated for efficacy. Further investigations are done on safety and toxicity parameters.

Program Focus:

Master in Pharmacology is four semester regular course. Major subjects under this program are Research Methodology & Pharmacological Screening, Modern Analytical Techniques, General Principles of Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetic, Pharmacology of ANS, CNS, CVS, Endocrine & Haemopoietic System, Modern Pharmacology of Autocoids, GIT, Respiratory System & Chemotherapy, Pharmacological Screening & Bioassay, Pharmacology of Drugs for Special Population, Dermal & Ocular System, Drug Interactions, Toxicology & Immunology, Molecular Pharmacology, Drug Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights & Bioethics, Pharmaceutical Biostatistics & Computer Applications. Students will be trained in handling of various equipments and developing animal models for screening. The Laboratory projects are done in Analytical Techniques Lab, Pharmacological Screening Lab, General Pharmacology Lab, Pharmacology Screening Lab and Molecular Pharmacology Lab. Also, special emphasis is given to Behavioral Science, Communication Skills, Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese). Students are motivated and advised to identify interest in respective area of research from start of semester. During academic session students are suggested to make presentations on area of their interest as well as a work plan. One year is fully dedicated to research work and possible outcome will be pushed for patent, publications, thesis or dissertation submission.

Scope of M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

  • Drug discovery
  • Novel target identification and validation
  • Pharmacological screening of NCEs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Research
  • Health care and Medical Research
  • Patents & IPR
  • Cosmetics and neutraceuticals
  • Safety and toxicity
  • Private entrepreneurship
  • Drug regulatory affairs
  • Academics

Campus Lucknow

Institute Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Lucknow

UniversityAmity University Uttar Pradesh


Duration2 Years

  • Program Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester Fee (Rs. in Lacs) : 0.79

Course Details

  • Seminar - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Advanced Pharmacology-I [Core Courses]
  • Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology [Core Courses]
  • Modern Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques [Core Courses]
  • Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening Methods- I [Core Courses]
  • Pharmacology Practical I [Core Courses]
  • Professional & Business Communication [Communication Skills]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses
  • Assignment [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Advanced Pharmacology II [Core Courses]
  • Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance [Core Courses]
  • Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening Methods-II [Core Courses]
  • Pharmacology Practical II [Core Courses]
  • Principles of Drug Discovery [Core Courses]
  • Cognitive Analytics & Social Skills for Professional Development [Behavioural Science]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses
  • Journal Club - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Proposal Presentation [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Research Work - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Research Methodology and Biostatistics- [Core Courses]
  • Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility for Sustainability [Professional Ethics]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses
  • Discussion/ Final Presesntation [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Journal Club - II [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Research Work - II [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses