Design and Fabrication of Biplane

A group of students of B. Tech. (Aerospace), Sharanjeet Kaur, Priya Kashyap and Shevangi Pal, the biplane is an aircraft having two wings, one above the other. Designed and fabricated under the guidance of Prof. Vinod Saxena, this fixed-wing aircraft is a prototype of modern day airplane. The biplane’s configuration was adopted for some successful piloted gliders in 1890s. Years later, the Wright Brothers’ biplanes (1903–09) opened the era of powered flight. Biplanes predominated in military and commercial aviation during World War I, but its greater maneuverability could not offset the speed advantage of the lighter monoplane. After World War II, biplanes were used only for specified purposes such as crop dusting and sport (aerobatic) flying. The design of biplane has been tested and has been flown successfully in the past.