Fabricating the facility for estimation of lift and drag in wind tunnel

Designed by a group of B. Tech. (Aerospace) students, Neha Shah, Praduman Sharma, Mayank Pal and Vijay Kumar, the objective of this project was to develop a facility for the aerodynamics lab that could allow measurement of lift and drag forces on an aircraft model using force balance method. Supervised by Prof. Vinod Saxena and Mr. Sumit Krishnan, the setup can be installed inside a test section of a Wind Tunnel (as depicted in the image). For specific flight conditions (Low Speed Subsonic), results can be obtained in a very less time as compared to any other method that could be used to estimate lift and drag forces. The facility is dedicated to the new students who wish to work in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Students strive to develop the more sophisticated equipment under the scope of this project.