Career Test

1 The first question has to do with how you're "ENERGIZED". Take a minute to look the two options and identify the option to which you belong. Please Click on Either A or B :


  • Tolerate noise and crowds
  • Talk more than listen.
  • Communicate with enthusiasm
  • Be distracted easily.
  • Meet people readily and participate in many activities
  • Blurt things out without thinking.
  • Hates to do nothing.On the go.
  • Likes working or talking in groups.
  • Likes to be center of attention.
Select A


  • Avoid crowds and seek quiet.
  • Listen more than talk.
  • Keep enthusiasm to self.
  • Concentrate well.
  • Proceed cautiously in meeting people & participate in selected activities.
  • Think carefully before speaking.
  • Time alone recharges batteries.
  • Would prefer to socialize in small groups or just do job "by myself."
  • Content being on the sidelines.
Select B