The cultural clubs in Amity University, Mumbai, impart training to students to hone professional and leadership skills through various extra-curricular activities. The overwhelming appreciation and support from the students and faculty inspired cultural clubs to organize meaningful activities to harness potential of students.

The cultural activities are based on hands-on activities that help students in improving intellectual, professional and communication skills. Backed by rich experience of experiential learning and excellent communication skills gained through club activities, students look forward to forge relations during corporate interactions, interviews, academic discussions, peer reviews and meetings.

The extra-curricular activities provide a supportive and interdisciplinary learning to students to develop communication and leadership skills as well as boost confidence and personal growth. The university has Snap-Squad (photography club), Ami-Psyche (for holistic development and emotional well-being), Ami-Trendz (style club), Ami-Theatre (theatre club), Ami-Cine (movie production club), Ami-Cult (performing arts club), Ami-Yoga, Ami-E-Cell (entrepreneur club), Ami-Environ (environment club), Ami-Astro Cell (astronomy club).

Student Clubs


The photography club, Snap-Squad, seeks to encourage budding photographers and enthusiastic students to showcase their creativity, passion and provide them supportive environment and resources. Members of Snap-Squad club also explore various possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other universities and academic institutes. Members of the club take part in several exhibitions, photo-walks, events on and off campus.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs
Student Clubs

Ami Psyche Club

Ami Psyche Club promotes and spreads awareness about mental health and well-being through simple day-to-day practices as well as activities.

The Club members organise activities that revolve around social ties to foster bonds and friendships to deal with stress and anxiety issues; a sense of purpose to give a meaning (direction) to life and enhance mental and emotional well-being of people; understand challenging and novel experiences to learn perspective as well as learn the art of connecting to people to stimulate healthy growth.

Apart from these activities members of Ami Psyche Club meet regularly to plan and organise small group discussions, team building games etc. Different events of Ami-Psyche emphasise on

  • Social Ties: The importance of bonds and friendships are explained to individuals to help them coping with stress and problems
  • Developing A Sense of Purpose: Helping students to develop a perspective on having a sense of purpose to lead a quality life and maintain a strong well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Learn the art of challenging: Various activities make students experience challenges and learn key lessons from adverse situations. The club activities provide conducive environment, resources and support to overcome challenging situations that stimulate personal growth and mental well-being.

Student Clubs Student Clubs

A wide range of activities which were organised on significant occasions included a street play (skit) titled ‘Suicide Prevention’ on the occasion of Suicide Prevention Day (10-11 September); a ‘Smile’ contest to mark World Smile Day (6th October); an event on World Mental Health Day (10th October); ‘Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) to commemorate World Kindness Day (11-13th November); a short film contest to mark International Day of Social Justice (20th February); an event on Zero Discrimination Day (1st March); Poster contest titled ‘What’s Your Happiest Memory?’ to commemorate International Day of Happiness (20th March); and an event on World Health Day (7th April). These events and activities sensitised people about the importance of emotional well-being.


Established under the tutelage of Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology (ASFDT), Amitrendz consistently work towards enhancing fashion and design quotient through plethora of innovative extracurricular activities. The club always encourages students to hone style and creativity with the resources available. It aims to provide budding designers and fashion management aspirants a clear perspective on design and innovative applications in daily life. Various events present invigorating, aesthetic, artistic, creative hands-on activities for effective learning. These activities introduce techniques to students to get novel, current and original design ideas. Ami-Trendz provides a platform to students aspiring to carve a niche as a model, choreographer, runway event coordinator, orator, music creator and a design wizard.

The activities conducted by Amitrendz are: fashion shows, displays and exhibitions, poster designing, logo designing, up cycling of products and audio-visual production on ‘style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it’.

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Amity Uncut

Student Clubs

This club has been established to nurture various forms of theatre viz regular and classical stage performances to the more nuanced and thought-provoking street plays. The club activities encourage young and budding artists, directors, writers, performers and production enthusiasts to augment skills in the field of theatre and drama.

Besides creating awareness about theatre as well as its importance in society and social life, Amity Uncut also emphasises on studying various writing and production styles, authors and scripts to harness talent and skills. The club has been receiving resounding success for its innovative activities and plays.


Amity Film Society

The club encourages the production of films having artistic value as well as promotes public appreciation of films. It also promotes research on cinema and related studies. Students promote and co-ordinate the club activities such as screening classic films and movies based on contemporary issues across the world. The club members also collaborate with national and international organizations having similar objectives.


Student Clubs

This cultural club aims to promote pertinent aspects of Indian culture by depicting events on Indian classical music, classical dance, folk music, performing arts and other cultural aspects. The club organizes contests, celebrations on significant occasions as well as thematic cultural programmes. Students are provided ample opportunities to encourage budding artists developing their creative skills and talent. The events promote healthy competition among students, foster traditional Indian values and to sensitise people about the cultural traditions and heritage of India. 


The club aims to achieve holistic development of students and help managing stress and anxiety. The practice of yoga keeps students relaxed, imbibes right attitude in them and brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind. The regular practice of yoga also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. The club sensitizes and motivates students to engage in regular yoga practices, including sessions on Surya Namaskara, Pragya Yoga and Pranayama, after college hours. Ami-Yoga invites eminent speakers to increase the awareness about various benefits of yoga in daily life. Ami-Yoga also celebrates International Yoga Day every year with much fanfare on the premises.

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Ami-Astro Cell

The club aims to promote astronomy and its application as well as scientific concepts to students and astronomy enthusiasts. Since the night sky has always been a fascination among learners, Ami-Astro club strives to develop scientific temperament among students and pique their interest and awareness in astronomy, celestial objects and space science. The club organises different outdoor scientific camps, and day and evening observation sessions on the premises throughout the year. Students observe and analyse celestial objects like moon, nebulae, planets etc. Astronomy is one of the few branches of Science where amateurs make genuine contributions towards observation and research. Plethora of club activities, including star gazing, photography, observation session, quiz and peer discussion clear concepts and develop a perspective about the Universe. Ami-Astro is committed to raise interest and awareness about celestial bodies and the Universe among student fraternity.


AmiSustain aims to promote sustainability in all aspects of life including mental and physical health along with that of food, water and environment. This is put into action by the means of spreading awareness via conducting seminars and workshops, and by organizing events and competitions. We, at AmiSustain, wish to make a difference by finding and implying eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative ways. The club's annual newsletter "AmiSustain" encourages creative thinking and provides a suitable platform to broadcast ideas of conservation and a better way of living.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs


The main aim of the AmiLitz Club is to uphold integrity by organizing various events from different areas of literature. The club aims towards helping students understand the importance of literature in today's world. Our focus is strongly on improving. By conducting different sessions with the members, we give them the opportunity to express themselves freely. Regular sessions on effectively performing poetry and storytelling are also conducted. The students are kept engaged in different activities that does not only help them develop their skills, but also prepare them better for the future.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs

Amity Film Club

Hello! We are the Amity Film Club!
You like films? Come, have a look.
You love films? Come, join us, and be a part of one of the most active clubs of AUM.
We are a club who talk about movies whole day long, we make content related to movies, we host events related to movies. Sometimes, we even tell you what to watch! We make the Magic happen! We make your life in Amity, a bit better than just amazing.

Student Clubs
Student Clubs

Ami-Digital Media Club

Ami-Digital Media Club’s mission is to teach, inform and prepare students for a digital world. In this club students learn how to explore the world of internet and social media which is all about exploring the science and creative learning behind big brands , startups and influencers .It accommodates everyone , no matter if you are internet savvy and use it for learning new things or just to communicate over memes.

We organize various workshops, seminars and competitions which help the students to use internet to gain knowledge and effectively use the available platforms to better their own lives and the lives around them and be able to make an impact in the society.
It's a club where we learn while having fun.

Student Clubs


The Entrepreneurship Cell at Amity University Mumbai was started in 2016 by the student body, under the guidance of the Amity Innovation Incubator, Noida. Since its foundation, the E-Cell strives to build an ecosystem that is conducive to the holistic development of creative minds on campus, providing them various avenues for nurturing business ideas. A mission-driven organization, we strongly believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students and work towards liberating them from the shackles of prejudices that keep them from starting up.


To enable a smooth and efficient interaction within the Amity Community: the principal components spanning from students, faculty, working professionals and alumni groups, mentors, and investors. Creating leaders has never been a one-person job, and the wholesome development of the leader is incomplete without the assistance of society. We strive to provide constant support to our upcoming startups through an on-campus Incubator, the Amity Innovation Incubator, Mumbai. An on-campus Incubator broadens the horizons beyond the Amity ecosystem to different partner Institutes, Corporate Investors, and Sponsors.

Student Clubs