Applied sciences
171545 B.Sc. Physics (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171546 B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171544 B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171551 B.Sc. Biotechnology (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171543 B.Com (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171674 B Sc Economics (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171803 B. Com (Finance & Accounting) (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171510 B.A. English (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171678 B.A. French (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
Liberal Arts
171804 B.A. Liberal Arts (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171514 Bachelor of Economics (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171509 BBA (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171805 BBA (Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure) (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171797 BBA (Banking & Finance) (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
Physocology & Behavioual Science
171597 B.A. Applied Psychology (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)
171775 B.Sc. Clinical Psychology (Hons/Research) (3/4 Years)

As per new structure and duration of undergraduate programmes proposed by NEP 2020, Amity University Mumbai is offering Four-Year Undergraduate degree programmes for the students to experience full range of holistic and multidisciplinary education.The programmes will offer flexible and innovative curriculum with multiple entry/exit during this period, with appropriate certification:

  • A certificate after completing 1 year of study in chosen discipline.
  • A diploma after 2 years of study.
  • A Bachelor's degree after a 3 year programme.
  • A four-year multidisciplinary Bachelor's programme, will lead to a degree, 'with Honours/Research'

Advantage of a four year's degree with Honours/Research is that the Master's will be of one year duration. Also, a four year degree will facilitate admission in foreign universities.