Institution’s Innovation Council - Amity University Mumbai

About IIC

Ministry of Education has established Innovation Cell (MIC) to foster innovation at Higher Educational Institutes. In the year 2018, MIC launched the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program in collaboration with AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to promote innovation. In this, each of the participating institutes were asked to set up IIC and carry out the prescribed activities.

The primary mandate of MIC is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas and transform them into prototypes while they are in their formative years. We are proud to announce that IIC-AUM was established in November 2020.


  • Engage faculty members and students in various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities such as Ideation, Problem Solving, Proof of Concept Development, Design Thinking, IPR, Project Handling and Management.
  • Organize periodic workshops or seminars or interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.

Major focus of IIC

  • To create a vibrant local innovation ecosystem.
  • Start-up supporting Mechanism in HEIs.
  • Prepare institute for Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements Framework.
  • Establish Function Ecosystem for Scouting Ideas and Pre-incubation of Ideas.
  • Develop better Cognitive Ability for Technology Students.

Functions of IIC

  • To conduct various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities prescribed by Central MIC in time bound fashion.
  • Identify and reward innovations and share success stories.
  • Organize periodic workshops/ seminars/ interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals and create a mentor pool for student innovators.
  • Network with peers and national entrepreneurship development organizations.
  • Create an Institution’s Innovation portal to highlight innovative projects carried out by institution’s faculty and students.
  • Organize Hackathons, idea competition, mini-challenges etc. with the involvement of industries.

Benefits of IIC

  • No major capital investment required for establishing IIC as it will make use of existing local ecosystem.
  • Students/Faculty associated with IIC will get exclusive opportunity to participate in various Innovation related initiatives and competitions organized by MHRD.
  • Win exciting Prizes/Certificates every month.
  • Meet/Interact with renowned Business Leaders and top-notch academicians.
  • Opportunity to nurture and prototype new ideas.
  • Mentoring by Industry Professionals.
  • Experimentation with new/latest technologies
  • Visit new places and learn a new culture.

For more information of IIC and current calendar activities, visit

Council Members

The council comprises of faculty, staff members and students from various departments and experts from different industries. IIC at AUM consists of the following members:

Internal Members:

Name Designation Assigned role in IIC
Dr. A W Santhosh Kumar Vice Chancellor, AUM President
Dr. Hira Vyas Registrar, AUM Vice-President
Dr. Penna Suprasanna HOI , AIB Convener
Dr. Shrikant Charhate Dean-Academics & Director ASET Member
Dr. Gautam Gawali Dean-Student welfare & Director AIBAS Member
Dr. Bhawana Chanana Director, ASFDT Member
Dr. Bhawna Sharma Officiating HoI, ABS Member
Dr. Vinothkannan Ravichandran Assistant Prof, AIB Member
Dr. Payal Sannan Assitant Prof. ABS Member
Dr. Sanjay Gowda Manager-Corporate Resource Centre Internship Activity Coordinator
Dr. Manoj Himmatrao Devare Professor, AIIT ARIIA coordinator
Dr. Vinoth Prasanna Gunasekaran Assistant Prof, AIB Innovation Activity Coordinator
Dr. Satheesh A Associate Prof, ASET NIRF Coordinator
Dr. Tareeka Sonawane Assistant Prof, AIB IPR Activity Coordinator
Mr. Ameya More Assistant Prof, ASET Start-up Activity Coordinator
Mr. Chetan Sheth Social media officer Social Media Officer

External Members:

Name Designation Organization
Mr. Saurabh Sinha Founder & Managing Partner Rein Labs, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Prof. Prashant S. Kharkar Professor Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
Dr. Sujatha Pandey Professor and Head Amity Innovation and Design Centre, Amity University Noida

Student Members:

Name Programme Assigned role in IIC Nomination from
Marzuqa Quraishi B.Tech + MTech Dual Biotechnology Innovation Coordinator AIB
Namasya Singh B.Tech Start-up Coordinator ASET
Anshika Sharma B.Des (Fashion Styling & Image Design) Internship Coordinator ASFDT
Ankit Satpathi BBA IPR Coordinator ABS
Ayushi Patel B.Tech Incubation Coordinator ASET
Saichandana Tamba M.Sc (Biotechnology) Social Media Coordinator AIB
Deepak Bhardwaj - Alumnus ABS


The IIC-AUM council is motivating students to participate in various activities organized by it. The activities are classified into IIC Driven and Self Driven Activities and includes

  • Workshops & Seminars,
  • Mentoring Sessions, and
  • Innovative Idea Competition.

Activities conducted

Sr.No. Activity Date Activity Name
1 16.08.21 E- Masterclass : Interactive Workshop
2 16.09.21 Design Innovation & Technology in Animation
3 25.09.21 Workshop on Innovative 3D Printing Technology & Applications
4 28.09.21 National Innovation Day
5 29.10.21 The Real Talk- Series
6 02.11.21 Embedding Entrepreneurial Mindset in Young Students
7 25.11.21 My Story
8 27.11.21 Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity”
9 02.12.21 National Pollution Control Day
10 07.01.22 One Week Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "Capacity Building in
11 21.01.22 Session on Achieving Problem-Solution Fit & Product-Market Fit: A case study on Swiggy
12 03.02.22 Startups in Biosciences
13 04.02.22 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Awareness
14 17.02.22 Pitch Perfect | A chance to scratch that entrepreneurial itch
15 18.02.22 Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design
16 18.02.22 Expert talk on "Process of Innovation Development and Technology Readiness Level in Agribusiness
17 19.02.22 Webinar on “Let‟s Start-Up”
18 19.02.22 Web 3.0 & Content Creator Economy
19 24.02.22 The Fundamentals of Sales Marketing & IT
20 25.02.22 My Story – Motivational session by Successful Entrepreneur
21 28.02.22 National Science Day
22 03.04.2022 Incubation centre visit
23 04.04.2022
to 30.04.2022
Entrepreneurship Month –
24 11.04.2022 The Wolf Of Wall Street
25 11.04.22 Startup Week
26 21.04.22to
27.04 2022
Faculty Development Programme on Molecular Identification and Gene Cloning
27 22.04.2022 Experts talk- Natural plant products- Hit to lead
28 02.08.2022 Expert talk – When idea colloid with reality
29 16.08.22 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in HEIs for Aatmanirbhar Bharat & Celebrating 75 Years of Independence -Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
30 18.08.2022 expert talk on "Challenges in seeking funding and VC Funding Opportunity for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
31 21.08.22 Entrepreneurs day
32 23.08.2022 Web Talk on “Application of Lean Manufacturing: Innovative Prototype for a rural start-up”
33 24.08.2022 Expert talk - Curating Your Brand Yourself
34 27.10.22 My Story – Motivational session by Successful Innovators