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1 A dual intensity and lifetime based fluorescence sensor for perrhenate anion Singh G., Pandey S.P., Singh P.K. Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical 2021
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S.No. Department Name & Designation Title National/ International Application No./Patent File No. Date of Filing Patent
1 CSE, ASET Dr. Richa Mishra, Assistant Professor A method for security enhancement of Diffie-Hellam Key Exchange Protocol National 202011002303 20-01-20
2 AINT Dattatray Jaysing Late, (Amity University Mumbai campus), A Method For Preparing Snse2nanosheets Based Field Emitter. National 202111000803 07/01/2021
3 AIB Dr. Sagar Barage, Associate Professor DAF-MCP chimeric protein, process to manufacture the same and use of the chimeric protein for treating pathological conditions involving the complement system. National 201921014960 13/04/2019
4 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. H.Jeevan Rao 2. Anna Eswara Kumar 3. Jigar Kumar Sura 4. R Santhana Krishnan 5. M Vishnu Vardhan An Ergonomic bed with built in exhaust Fans National 332159-001 19-08-2020
5 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. K.Siva Kishore Babu 3. H.Jeevan Rao 4. B V Dharmendra A Strip for holding the face mask National 332157-001 19-08-2020
6 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. B V Dharmendra 4. P Phani Prasanthi Wrist Banded Sanitizer Dispenser National 331232-001 20-07-2020
7 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. S.Shivaji Sagar Design of Foot-operated sanitizer dispenser National 329691-001 30-05-2020
8 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Dr.Anna Venkateswara Rao 2. Anna Eswara Kumar 3. H.Jeevan Rao A Device To Clean Floor Tiles National 333168-001 14-9-2020
9 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. B V Dharmendra 3. H.Jeeva Rao Cocount Pulp Remover National 333169-001 14-9-2020
10 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3.B V Dharmendra Height Adjustable Chair National 333170-001 14-9-2020
11 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. B.Kiran Kumar 4. P.Phani Prasanthi Electrically Operated Smut Cleaning Device National 333171-001 14-9-2020
12 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. K.Siva Kishore Babu Electrically Operated Mop Stick National 333172-001 14-9-2020
13 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. B.Kiran Kumar Device To Clean Dust Under Cots National 333173-001 14-9-2020
14 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. P.Venkateshwar Reddy Semi Automatic Dish Washer National 333174-001 14-9-2020
15 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. K.Siva Kishore Babu Height Adjustable Stand To Hold television National 333175-001 14-9-2020
16 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. Anna Eswara Kumar 2. H.Jeevan Rao 3. D.Mohana Krishnadu 4. Phani Prasanthi Portable UV Sanitizing Device National 333176-001 14-9-2020
17 Aerospace Engineering, ASET 1. H.Jeeva Rao 2. Anna Eswara Kumar A Seating Device With Built Exhaust Fan To Remove Heat National 202041039815 14-9-2020
18 Computer Science & Engineering-ASET Dr. Deepa Parasar System And Method To Detect Health Condition Based On Ultrasound Images National   27-04-2020
S.No. Department Name & Designation Date / Year Name of the Award or Achievement Awarding Agency / Institute / Journal or Sponsered by Details of Award (Certificate/ Memento/ Cash Prize)
1 AITT Dr. Divya Pandey, Assistant Professor and Coordinator 30th October 2018 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Jiwaji University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh PhD awarded for Topic - “Tourist Destination Management at Gwalior Region- An Approach Towards Sustainable Tourism Management”
2 AITT Dr. Divya Pandey, Assistant Professor and Coordinator 15th - 17th November 2018 Rapporteur for International Conference Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi International Conference on Rurality, Ruralism and Rural Tourism
3 COEA-AIB Dr Siddharth Pandey, Head of CoE TEDx Speaker at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai Awarded Trophy and gave a TEDx talk published online here: ab_channel=TEDxTalks
4 Mechanical Engineering Dr. Amol Kamble 28-Jan-20 Post Doctoral Fellowship in Metal Hydride Materials & Technologies South African Institute of Advanced Materials Chemistry (SAIAMC) Offer Letter
5 Mechanical Engineering Dr. Amol Kamble 15-Oct-20 Member of Reviewer Board 9th Global Confernece on Material Science & Engineering 2020 Welcome and Acceptance Mail
6 Mechanical Engineering Mr. Shivaji Sagar 18-19 Jan 2018 Best Paper Award during International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing Technology Amity School of Engineering and Technology Certificate
7 Aerospace Engineering Mr. H. Jeevan Rao 15-Sep-20 First Indian to register 10 Intellectual property rights in just 24 hours INDIAN BOOK of RECORD Certificate, Medal
8 Civil Dr. Sushree Sangita Mishra; Associate Professor 5th July 2020 Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing International Journal of Environment and Climate change Certificate
9 ECE Kiran Kale 2018 Conference Grant AMITY University Mumbai 12000/- for International Conference
10 Aerospace Engineering Mr. H. Jeevan Rao 29/09/2020 FASTEST FILING OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN A SHORT TIME International Book of records Certificate, Medal
11 AILA Dr. Nandini Basistha, Asst. Prof. - II 9th March 2020 Post Doctorate ICSSR Post Doctoral Fellowship by Indian Council for Social Science Research in January 2018 for 2 years (which includes Rs. 31000/ month as fellowship + Rs. 40000 p.a. as contingency). I have successfully submitted its report on 9th March 2020
12 AILA Dr. Nandini Basistha, Asst. Prof. - II 8th April 2020 Honorary Member of the Hon'ble Editorial Board International Journal of BioSciences and Technology Journal Group Honorary Member of the Hon'ble Editorial Board
13 ASFDT Ms. Avni Singhal, M.Des Sem III Aug-20 Best Intern' award Birla Century, a division of Century Textiles and Industries Ltd For displaying extraordinary performance during her intership from 1st of July to 31st of August
14 Mechanical Engineering Ameya J. More. Assistant Professor 18-19 Jan 2018 Best Paper Award during International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing Technology Amity School of Engineering and Technology Certificate Name of the organisation MoU signed on National / International Outcome of the MoU
1 Mars Society Australia 31-Jul-19 International MSA and BMSIS: Supervision of 7 BTech AE students from Amity University Uttar Pradesh, on Mars Habitat Design summer internship, minor and major project in June 2019-Feb 2020.
2 Blue Marble Space Institute of Science 31-Jul-19 International MSA and BMSIS: Design and development of Mars Amity Research Station (MARS) for Ladakh
MSA, BMSIS and OU: Organization and coordination of Events:
MSA and BMSIS: Space Exploration Symposium held with Amity Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Amity University Uttar Pradesh: Feb 24-26, 2019
Amity Astrobiology Workshop at Amity University Mumbai: Feb 27-29, 2020
Space for Everyone Workshop at Amity University Mumbai: Feb 29-March 1, 2020
International Cooperation on Space Exploration Panel Discussion: Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai: March 02, 2020
3 Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited 06-Jan-20 National In-kind and financial support towards development of Amity Space Biological Experiment-1 for ISRO PSLV C49 PS4 Program as part of Satellize SpaceShare Unit.
Access to workspace, technical laboratory and supervision, testing facilities for the project.
Joint preparation of technology development proposals, two for ISRO Gaganyaan Project, one for ISRO RESPOND and one EOI for DRDE Gwalior between June 2020 and August 2020.
4 Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, DST 04-Nov-20 National Planning for science and technology testing at Mars Amity Research Station (MARS)
5 National Association for the Blind: nabindia Since 2019 National 1. Student Interships 2. Woskhop Conduction at NAB by AIBAS
6 Regional Mental Hospital, Thane (MH) Since 2017 National M.Phil and MA Students' Clinical Training
7 Jagruti Rehabilitation Center, Taloja, Navi Mumbai (MH) February 2020 National M.Phil and MA Students' Clinical Training
8 SRCC Centre for Child Development, Haji Ali, Mumbai (MH) August 2019 National MPhil Students' Clinical Training
9 LTMC&G Hospital, Sion, Mumbai (MH) March 2020 National MPhil Students' Clinical Training
10 Rotary club, smart city,Belapur, Navi Mumbai and Param foundation, Navi Mumbai. 20th March 2020 National Contribution of 30 sewing machines received for community outreach project of School of Fashion Design & Technology.
11 Centre of Excellence in Maritime & Shipbuilding (CEMS), promoted by Indian Registrar of Shipping, Sagarmala, Ministry of Shipping, Govt of India 03-02-2020 National Access and training for students of Amity,Diploma and Certificate courses at nominal cost, Internships to the Amity students, Faculty Development programs and access to the labs Availability of labs for undertaking industry projects and experiments Research scholars can use CEMS labs CEMS will set up remote centre at Amity.