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The Curriculum is regularly updated for holistic development.

Amity University Madhya Pradesh (AUMP) has evolved a modern, practical, industry focused and research-oriented andragogy through constant interaction with best of the professionals from the industry and academia every year through the Board of Studies (BOS) constituted in each department/institute/School.

  • A robust and dynamic semester-based Program Structure has been developed and regularly upgraded by integrating the traditional syllabus with the latest trends across disciplines in sync with the industry and research demands.
  • AUMP has implemented outcome-based education with clearly stated Programme Outcomes, Programme Specific Outcomes, and Course Outcomes. The programmes are designed keeping in mind the regional and global requirements. All courses are designed with outcomes centred on cognitive abilities namely Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating. The university manages and maintains OBE achievements after the end of the semester and the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of AUMP analyses to examine gaps in achievement.
  • A multi-stage process of evaluation of the course-objectives, based on feedback reports on the placements, employability of the students, developments in technology, and statutory compliance of various Government agencies.

Credit Course with Flexi Credit System

The curriculum at Amity conforms to the standards and practices of global institutions, including a diverse choice of several credit courses that facilitate cross-functional learning.


At Par with the World's Best Universities

Flexibility of Learning at Amity University Madhya Pradesh

AUMP offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary minor tracks based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). This provides the opportunity for technological innovations in teaching and learning, encouraging logical decision making for innovation, critical thinking, and creativity among the students. It gives students the flexibility to design their own degree.

  • NCC has been included as a CBCS course for all students enrolled as NCC cadets.
  • Allow credit transfer from one programme to another (in case the student decides to shift) – subject, meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Freedom to choose courses from other programmes.
  • Earn credits through live projects/community projects/workshops.
  • Option of taking a break after diploma and then continuing to earn a degree. (Courses implemented under NEP 2020)
  • The university has unique Study Abroad Programmes, Semester Abroad and Student Exchange Programmes for global exposure of students.
  • The students are also encouraged to opt for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) wherever applicable.

Value added courses

Value-added courses like Behavioral Science, Communication Skills, Foreign Languages, are imparted for holistic development of students. Courses relevant to Gender Sensitivity, Professional Ethics, Values and Ethics for Personal and Professional Development are integrated in all programmes. Environmental Studies is compulsory in all UG programmes. Post Graduate students of all the disciplines undergo one-week Military Training Program.

Academic Bank of Credits

AUMP has implemented Academic Bank of Credits. AUMP is an official member of the National Academic Depository which is a government initiative to offer an online repository for all academic awards under the Digital India Programme.

Students Attendance

Every student in Amity University is required to achieve 100% attendance in all the Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals and Seminars arranged for the respective course during the semester. However, a relaxation up to a maximum of 25% is granted in case of contingencies. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear in the examinations. 100% attendance criteria ensure academic excellence, disciplinary approach, and growth of the student.

Scholarship Policy

The University has a liberal scholarship policy to encourage the students to achieve higher performance during their studies. The University awards student scholarships annually to meritorious, economically weaker, and extraordinary achievers in academics. Students are also informed about various Government scholarships.

Internal Evaluation System

Time bound and regular assessment is a vital mechanism to judge the academic performance and progression of the students. Amity has adopted Continuous Assessment (Mid Semester Exams & End Semester Exams) along with internal assessments (Quizzes, Home Assignments, Presentations, Attendance, Project, Seminar, Term Paper etc.) for evaluation and measuring the outcome attainment.

Declaration of examination result is strictly as per examination calendar and student grievances are addressed properly within stipulated time/duration.

Grade System

The level of students' academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and end term examination is reflected by letter grades on a Ten Point Scale. Letter grades (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F) have points associated with them in quantified hierarchy and have qualitative meaning. Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) & Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are calculated based on the students' performance in Semester(s), & overall respectively.

Amity University follows Absolute Grading as well as Relative Grading depending upon the student strength in a particular programme & batch. Students are required to maintain minimum SGPA & CGPA to pass a semester/promote to the next semester and qualify for Degree/Diploma.

  • Quality Policy

    Ever since the inception of Amity University, Quality Assurance & Enhancement has been a focus area. An entire team of experienced professionals have been put in place under the IQAC whose task is to ensure that the best systems are implemented in all departments and all areas of the University. This division also supervises the implementation and continuous improvements of the syllabus after analysing gaps.

Implementation of NEP 2020 at AUMP

In line with requirement of the NEP 2020, Ordinance No. 38-A pertaining to Three/Four Year Undergraduate programmes have been approved by the Regulatory Bodies for implementation.

To provide the holistic academic growth among students the academic programmes have been redesigned to include multidisciplinary /interdisciplinary courses, which gives more flexibility to the students to choose their preferred options from the range of programmes offered according to their convenience.

AUMP offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary minor tracks based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), value added courses such as environmental studies, behaviour science, communication skills, foreign language moreover, university has added courses of Behavioural Science in every program which address 3-phase approach toward the integration of humanities and science with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The students are also encouraged to opt for MOOCs through SWAYAM.

Guidelines for Multiple Entry and Exit in Academic Programmes leading to certificate - diploma – degree – honors degree has been implemented under National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

The curriculum designed has integrated internships, projects, and field work for industry linkages and research orientation for the duration of 2-3 years courses.

List of Programmes implemented under NEP 2020 w.e.f. Academic Year 2023-24

List of Programmes under NEP 2020