Structural Biology For Drug Discovery


It is well known that information of three-dimensional structure of proteins has the potential to discover novel compounds, which can act as lead molecule for drug discovery. With the advancement in structure determination techniques like X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and Cryogenic Electron Microscopy structural information of many new protein drug targets have been identified and analysed. In continuation with my Doctoral experience in Structural Biology involving identification of potent inhibitors of novel protein drug targets we are working on similar funded projects in Amity University Rajasthan. We are actively working on structural determination of protein drug targets from MDR bacteria. Three dimensional crystal structure of important proteins from MDR bacteria will be determined that will help to focus more accurately diseased targets and increase drug’s potency. Using this detailed structural information, a rational structural-based drug design is achievable and the tight inhibitors of protein drug targets can be prepared. Successful inhibition of such proteins will in turn obstruct the bacterial infections.

Sanket Kaushik

Amity University Rajasthan