Play - Sports Facilities

A Winner's Playground to Nurture Champions

Amity University Rajasthan believes that sports and games curriculum is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. We also believe that sports facilities provides the student a platform to build their concentration level and to keep them physically and mentally fit. It helps all the stakeholders of the education system to increase cohesion in both the community and the workplace.

The University has a large number of facilities for Indoor as well as outdoor sports to keep the students and faculty members engaged and physically fit. These include a football ground, practice pitch for cricket, volleyball, tennis, badminton and basket ball courts. Also available are pool, snooker and table tennis tables and a gymnasium with state of art equipment. The University also has an indoor rifle range, horse riding and golf putting range.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Cultivating Team Spirit

Through its excellent sports facilities, Amity University Rajasthan offers opportunities to students for regular on ground work-out, lifestyle management and interaction.

Amity is one of the very few Universities in Rajasthan that provides its students an opportunity to learn the elite and the very famous game of Golf. The students regularly play and learn the skills of this game under the expert guidance of a sports Instructor.

The University also houses excellent sports ground to facilitate playing of Cricket.

Basketball Equipment & Facilities are also provided to the students and faculty members of the University.

Professional training on Taekwondo is also provided to the students and its main focus is to provide best physical fitness and self defence specific skill.

Amity also allows its students to learn horse riding within the campus.

To promote coordination, teamwork, sharing, and increase cognitive brain function, the students of Amity University Rajasthan are provided with the facility of state of the art and worldclass football ground within the campus.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Cultivating Team Spirit

The University has a well-equipped and developed wooden floor Dance room, Yoga room and Music room with instruments like Harmonium, Guitar, Tabla, Keyboard, Drums etc. which create a perfect atmosphere for all round development of the student.

Amity has a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range with sophisticated equipment.

Amity has a well-equipped pool, snooker and billiard room with three tables, easily accessible to the students. The students take deep interest in this game and the University leaves no stone unturned in the direction of encouraging those take keen interest in this game.

Other indoor games like Chess, Carom is also provided with the indoor recreational facilities Gym, Music & Yoga Room, Dance Room