Stay Fashionable in COVID-19 Times


Dr . Suniti Sood
Associate Professor &
HOD, Amity Institute of Design

You can’t bound it with a leash,
You can only wait for it to unleash,
It keeps coming back in gowns and dresses,
Stories of untold, it addresses
It was, is and will still be there,
It’s something that makes you stop and stare,
Hold on to your hearts,
Because a revolution in fashion is here........”

The lockdown, quarantine and fear of losing the only thing we value the most- life have created a wave of negativity around us. Amidst this turmoil, fashion is the one ray of light that gives us hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

History has time and again witnessed massive transitions in fashion. The only thing inevitable in life is change and fashion is for those who embrace such changes with elan. After all, you can have anything you want, if you dress for it!

So, enough with the past, what do you think would be the turn of events after COVID-19? The shutdown of various companies,

postponing of fashion weeks for an indefinite period along with loss of jobs seems like the perfect picture of a nightmare. In contrast to this, a sustainable approach which outlines the need for rebuilding the fashion industry with more and more technology-driven solutions, including online Fashion Weeks going and such. Many events have already been planned to go eco-friendly, pairing sustainable fashion designers with 3-D designers to create their collections. Promising, isn’t it?

Like Christian Dior’s freeing ‘New Look’ designs following WWII, Fashion post-corona could follow suit in the form of sweeping, colourful fabrics, maximalist shapes, bold co-ordinates and unrestricted silhouettes. The difference from recent trends, however, will lie in our changed thoughts. Corona is like a wakeup call for the entire mankind and industries to slow down and rethink on concepts like mass production. The economic crises will force us to focus on essentials made-to-last rather than made-to-wear-for-a-minute products

This period is also a great time for businesses to reach out and connect with their customers in order to build a loyal base. “With almost the entire world under house arrest and a Wi-Fi at hand, it has never been easier to grab eyeballs.”

As I read in an article, “Fashion could return to its basic beauty, an expression of individuality. And in the process, we can hope that our Earth will be able to heal some more.” 

We can do that, can’t we?

For all the men and women out there, amidst the Great Depression of Corona and the much awaited relief with the unlock-down, I’d say keep your head and spirits high with fashion. “The only time I’d look down would be to admire my shoes.”

As Ralph Lauren said, “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.”
Things are difficult; Yes, but do we have to stop dreaming? No.
Anyways, hope you are enjoying the trending pyjamas in fashion?
Stay Safe & Keep trending!!!!

Amity Institute of Design