In the era of astronomical data, A massive amount of data are generated every moment. Managing and interpreting these data is a challenging task. Such a situation leads to the development of the field of Data Science. This field is the science of data analysis.

New methods are developed, and new models are built that aim to extract information and knowledge from these data. This field is the amalgamation of statistics, mathematics, programming, and problem solving processes. At Amity University Haryana, we introduced the Data Science Center. Currently, Amity University Haryana is running an M.Sc.and PG Diploma courses in Data Science. Several Data Science projects are running in the Center.

The faculty includes Alok Srivastava (have five projects), Soumyadeep Nandi, A Ramlingaswami Fellow (one project), Ravi Datta Sharma (3 projects), and Amresh Prakash (SERB grant).

The Center has received a grant and conducted a National level training Programme: Inhouse Short term industry blended training of two weeks duration under ICPS Programme of DST, on BlockChain technology.

The Center is upgraded with a lot of computer hardware and systems. Currently, the Data Science Center has also submitted a 1.5 Cr core funding to DBT to create a Bioinformatics Core Facility for creating Facility for high throughput integrated omics and upgradation of bioinformatics skilling and teaching.

Faculty Members

The faculties in the Center are:

Dr. Soumyadeep Nandi, Associate Professor, and Ramalingaswami Fellow. He is running the project "Correlation study of the determinant of gene regulators." Also, he is running a DBTs Twinning Program for NER. Development of an integrated multiomics analysis platform, and its application to elucidate the process of silk coloration in the Muga silkworm Antheraea assamensis Helfer.

Dr. Alok Srivastava, Assistant Professor, is currently working on the following projects. Computational Systems Biology of Cognitive Dysfunction, DST, Cognitive Science Research Initiative; Identity disease gene association using text mining approach, DBT under Big Data Initiative; Identify disease gene association using Google's Tensor Flow, Indian Council of Medical Research. As a CoPI, he is involved with a couple of more projects, such as computational software to find biomarkers using alternative splicing as a tool, DBT, and identifying the role of P53 regulated long noncoding RNAs (LncRNAs) by Crisper/ Cas9 in ovarian cancer, Indian Council of Medical Research

Dr. Ravi D. Sharma, Assistant Professor, is involved with the following projects. DBT project on a Computational Software to find biomarkers using alternative splicing as a tool, DST project alternate splicing in clinical drug resistance in pathogenic Candida, and National level training Programme: Inhouse shot term training/FDP programs for faculty/UG/PG/Doctoral students of two weeks duration under ICPS Programme of DST.

Dr. Amresh Prakash, Assistant Professor, Young Scientist Scheme (201619), SERB, DST.

Computational Infrastructure

The Center is equipped with the following IT Equipments


  • 382 GB RAM, 48 Processor, 20 TB HDD
  • 32 GB RAM, 8 core processor, 2 TB HDD
  • DELL T640, 48 core processor, 4TB HDD, 64 GB RAM
  • DELL T430, 8 core processor, 6TB HDD, 16 GB RAM
  • Two servers with GPU
  • Intel 8 core processor, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia GPU, 36 TB HDD


  • 05 TB
  • 10 TB
  • 20 TB
  • 36 TB

NAS Storage

  • WDPR4100
  • 32 TB HDD
  • 4GB RAM, RAID10