Covid-19 Updates at Amity University Haryana

Covid-19 brought things to halt but not at Amity University Haryana. With its well-equipped IT Infrastructure in place, Online Classes were running smoothly, and university achieved its major objectives at various fronts commanding academia par excellence.

COVID-19 Psychological Tele counselling Support

Covid19 has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. Closing of offices, universities, colleges, schools and all marketplaces, self-quarantine all resulting in extreme changes in our lifestyle. All of us are social beings. We cannot imagine ourselves living in isolation or away from people especially our near and dear ones. However, the current scenario of nationwide lockdown has literally confined us to one place significantly restricting our physical activity and subsequently social distancing from people around us. The sudden changes have been quite overwhelming for us to adjust as this is for the first time we are going through such experiences. Hence, it becomes essential for all of us to understand as to how we can effectively deal with the current situation.

Dealing with Psychological Impact of Covid19 Pandemic - A Guide for Students

Guidelines for Health and Wellbeing in the Times of Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 could be the most dreaded word for now and in times to come but the inbuilt human resilience will see us through as it has done in the past in similar situations. The power of positivity and optimism, which is our seventh sense, is the force that gives us the strength and the attitude to stand firm at the most difficult and trying times of our lives. Our body responds to the mental stimulus and prepares itself for the challenges. All we need is the will to fight the negativity, fear and despair and prepare ourselves to face any eventuality by remaining optimistic. This pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and not just physical health. Therefore, we must fortify every aspect of our life against it.

Research Grants at AUH during COVID-19

Project title Funding agency Amount Principal Investigator
Development of onspot diagnostic kit for COVID19 based on RT-LAMP Integrated CRISPR-Cas technique BRNS 16.56 Lakhs Dr. Saif Hameed, AIB, AUH
A low cost portable microfluidics embedded on chiprRT-PCR and microelectrode array coupled pointof care optoelectronic device forlarge scale screening of emerging viral disease like SARS COV2 DBT- BIRAC 90.00 Lakhs Dr. Ranjita Ghosh Moulick, AIB, AUH
3D Manufacturing of N95 Mask having Inherent Antimicrobial Properties IDE 2.0 MIeTY G3C 4.5 Lakhs Dr Atul Thakur, AINT, AUH
An Antimicrobial Face-Mask Using Nano-particle Coating IDE 2.0 MIeTY G3C 4.5 Lakhs Dr. Arvind Chhabara ASCI, AUH

Research Publications Related to COVID-19

WEBSITE EVENTS (March 2020 – Feb 2021) on COVID-19

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Webinar on Force Majeure in times of covid-19 by Ms. Shrey Maini, Supreme Court of India. ( 1- June-2020 )

Post COVID New normal should focus on Low Carbon Economic Growth to assure Economic Prosperity and Good Health together–Padma Bhushan Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw at Amity Eminent Webinar. ( 17- June-2020 )

Webinar on Skills for Career Success: During and Post Covid-19. ( 18- June-2020 )

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