Skills required for 2030


Dr Reena Nigam
HOD , Amity Skills Institute,
Amity University Haryana

The changes brought about by the Covid-19 Pandemic are here to stay and will define the future years. We can so assume that the skill map will change too and we need to adapt quickly. It is still too early to predict though but it will not harm if we keep our eyes and ears open to see what skills may rule the rosters in future.

Technical Skills

Technology has been our saviour and will continue to be so. Teachers, housewives, and even octogenarians, who mocked at the technology, are using it with élan now.

Similarly, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Machine learning and coding will be greatly in demand. Data analytics will also be a skill to reckon with and, so will be the digital marketing.

Internet Skills

Our presence on the internet will only begin to matter more in future. Soft skills will be directed towards the internet and ‘Netiquette’ will become extremely important and noticeable. Social Media will continue to rule and internet influencers will have more audience than before. The online market will catch more eyeballs and have more takers.

Psychological Skills

The uncertainties are affecting people mentally and the demand for psychological counselling is increasing. Mental health and conditions like anxiety, stress and depression may arise in the future. We would need a stronger support system for those in need. Similarly, leaders will have to show better EQ, compassion and empathy.

Innovations and creativity

From the apparel industry to hospitality and technology, there’s a place for more innovation. People with creative skills can fill in the void created by the sudden change in people’s priorities.


Health care has always been important but, unfortunate as it may sound, health is going to be our primary concern now on. We realize now, that boosting our immunity and the need to stay fit is of paramount concern, therefore, jobs of nutritionists, pharmacists, and health care workers will be highly sought after.

Renewable Energy

As a positive implication of corona, we hope to be more careful towards our environment in future. Therefore, environmentalists and people working in renewable resources space will be in great demand.

Art and performing Arts

Whether it’s film making, performing arts, or fine arts, there will be more takers for them, albeit in the digital form. People will be looking for newer avenues to stay happy and entertained.


Already popular, gaming may gain more popularity in future.

Content writing

Internet learning has created a space for content writers. Along with that, the expertise in Humanities, Liberal arts and Foreign Languages will complement content writing.

Change may be constant but what will not change is the need for skills. No matter what new job roles are created in the market, the skills associated with the role will go ‘hand in glove’ with them. The need is to be aware and gear up for the change.

Amity Skill Institute