Journey to the Sub-conscious ditching the journey on roads


Dr. Arya Nair
Assistant Professor
Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences
Amity University Gurugram

The brutal reality of the Global crisis due to the virus attack has definitely impacted the mental health of most of us. So a question is that how should we manage our mental well being and stay as calm and composed as possible when we maintain the lockdown as expected from every responsible citizen.

Due to the social media flooding of news about COVID19, it is very common for all of us to feel anxious and stressed. Let us pause and just make an attempt to travel to our sub-conscious mind and try to find that trigger which can help us unwind from the current situation.


  • Just sit alone at a quiet corner of your home with a paper and pen.
  • Take three deep breaths! Trust me it works.
  • Now give a deep thought to your current emotions. You might be experiencing a mixture of emotions but try your best to identify one issue that is troubling you the most.
  • Make this box on the paper
    1 2
    3 4
    • Write the emotional issue you have identified on top of the box.
    • In square 1- Try to list all the emotions which are triggered by the issue that you have identified.
    • In square 2- Try to list how your family, friends or people around you feel about your issue.
    • In square 3- Try to identify how you feel about square 2 i.e. others perception of your issue.
    • In square 4- Again take a deep breath and list all the emotions that you would like to experience at this moment in the here and now. The list can be long so do not worry there is no limitation.
    • Once you have listed all the emotions in square 4, just circle four emotions which you would like to experience the most in the next 21 days. These emotions should help you tackle the issue you have identified and written on top of the box. If initially you have listed less than four emotions in your square 4 , then you do not have to shortlist it for the next step
    • Once you have got your super 4 emotions, congratulations! You do not know that you have unboxed a very powerful tool for your well being in next 21 days.
    • Starting with “I AM……..

      Fit in your four- star emotions in the sentence and write it on your paper. E.g.: I AM HAPPY CALM POSITIVE AND COMPLETE.

      This step might be tricky for some, but keep trying you will succeed!

      • The sentence that you have written is called an AFFIRMATION. It is a very powerful tool as suggested by the Hypnotic school of thought.
      • Every morning when you wake up and every night just before sleep
        • Close your eyes
        • Take 3 deep breaths
        • Repeat you affirmation 3 to 5 times aloud
        • As you are repeating you affirmation please try to connect to each and every word, do not repeat the affirmation mechanically without associating with the mentioned emotions
        • During the day whenever you feel uneasy and anxious just repeat the above mentioned steps.
        • Affirmations have healing benefits and they help to condition our mind to a positive framework.

As we observe the lockdown in our country with no end in sight, let us take this opportunity to rewire our minds into positivity and maintain our mental well- being just by following few simple steps.


Amity Institute of Behavioral and Allied Sciences