27 Feb 2018|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Science Day Celebration

Amity Dignitaries during the Science Day Celebration

Expert Lecture and Workshop was organized on the occasion of Science Day Celebration by Amity School of Engineering & Technology of Amity University Gurugram organized on 27th Februray 2018 with the experts like Prof R P Tandon from University of Delhi, Mr K K Chatterjee and Mr Rakesh Tripathi from National Science Center to speak on topics like Nanotechnology for Sustainable Development, Science Behind Miracles and Liquid Nitrogen Show.   

Prof (Dr) A K Yadav welcomed and introducs all the respected guest and lamp lighting was performed to begin with Dr Yadav inaugurated “Amity Chem Club” with the objective of “Doing Science is an Art”. Dr Yadav sharad that this club will work in the direction of spreading science in interesting ways like drama, quiz, YouTube channel and Alumni platform. The e-book template of this club (E Chemissany) was released by HOI and all HODs of ASAS.

Professor R P Tandon enlightened the students with his talk on “Nanotechnology for sustainable development” and gave an insight on the transformation from stone age to silicon-era. Mr. K K Chatterjee discussed the Science behind Miracles under the theme ‘Chamatkar’ in a very interesting way. Mr. Chatterjee performed many tricks like inhaling fire, name change on the board, appearance of flowers  in empty vessel, piercing of the tongue with Trishul, sweet taste with paper and much more and the celebration got concluded after the session of Mr Rakesh Tripathi on Liquid Nitrogen. He educated the students that Liquid Nitrogen has low boiling temperature and was used in different ways to create beautiful fantasy and he had explained nicely the important properties of liquid nitrogen.

Students and Faculty during the Science Day Celebration