11 May 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Thalassemia Screening with eminent Bollywood star Mr. Jackie Shroff


Thalassemia Screening with eminent Bollywood star Mr. Jackie Shroff

In collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society and Ms. Nanni Singh, Director of Showcase Events, Amity University Haryana organized an interactive session on Thalassemia Screening with eminent Bollywood star and veteran actor Mr. Jackie Shroff and a blood donation camp in the University on 11th May, 2022. Mr Jackie Shroff is an eminent Bollywood star and now Thalassemia brand ambassador of India.

Along with the Guest of Honour, Mr. Jackie Shroff, the esteemed dignitaries of the University, Prof. Dr. P.B. Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Haryana, Dr. Padmakali Bannerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr. Vikas Madhukar, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor and Maj. Gen. G.S. Bal, Dean Student’s Welfare were also dignitaries seated on the dais. Mr. Shroff and Ms. Singh were elated to see the response from the audience. They answered each question with substantive answers and guided the students about the disorder, its origin, repercussions and precautions. They further requested the Amity University fraternity to spread awareness about Thalassemia by urging their family members and friends to spread awareness about the same. They also motivated the audience to get a blood test done so that necessary preventive measures could be taken.

Around 1000+ students witnessed the interactive session by Mr. Jackie Shroff and 110 volunteers donated blood to Red Cross Delhi 35 persons volunteered for screening for Thalassemia.