11 May 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

National Technology Day Celebration


National Tech Day

Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University Haryana celebrated National Technology Day on 11th May 2022. A Robo Race was organized on this day.

There will be three rounds in which bots have to transverse to different terrains and overcome various obstacles.

Round 1:This round will mainly test the power and acceleration of the bots. The track will mainly consist of all terrain obstacles like mud, rocks, wood, slippery inclined surface and other later additions (if any).

Round 2:This round will be designed to test the speed of the bots. With a smooth terrain, the track will include a hairpin incline, speed breakers etc.

Round 3:This will be the round where two bots will race each other. • The top 8 bots from the collective score of the two rounds will advance to this round and we’ll have quarter finals, semi-finals and the final round.

The same track will be used in the quarter-finals, semifinals and finals, with the addition of extra obstacles and additional paths

Rules:The team will be marked on the total time taken by the bot to complete 1 lap.If a bot is not able to pass an obstacle, then a penalty time will be added for skipping the obstacle.The penalty time will be announced later by the organizers.The cumulative sum of the times of the two rounds will be the basis for qualifying for the third rounds. Battery and Power: The machine can be powered electrically only (on-board batteries). Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed. Batteries must be sealed, immobilized-electrolyte types (such as gel, lithium, LiPo, NiCad, NiMH, dry cells).

Total no of participants was 32.