18 Aug 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Amity Law School organised Guest Lecture on “Chaning Contours of Law & Future of Legal Education ”By Prof. Amar Sundram, Senior Vice-President(Legal) and Chief Compliance Officer, NECF Corporation of India 18th, August 2022


Prof. Amar Sundram, Senior Vice President adresses the students of Amity Law School

Amity Law School's Orientation of Intermediary Batches organized a guest lecture on the issue of "Changing Contours of Law and Future of Legal Education” on 18th August, 2022 in hybrid mode, through online and offline medium as well with 24 students and faculty members attending the event in offline mode and around 150 participants in online mode. Prof. Amar Sundram was the Honourable Guest Speaker during the event. Senior Vice-President (Legal) and the Chief Compliance Officer, NEC Corporation of India. Maj Gen PK Sharma (Retd), Professor & Director Amity Law School and Dean Faculty of Law, welcomed the Intermediary Batch students and remarked that ALS was blessed to have Prof. Amar Sundram deliver the Lecture in order to offer his insights on this significant issue.

Prof. Amar Sundram began his address by thanking ALS for organising the event and emphasizing that new laws are indeed being developed, notably in the preceding five years, as a consequence of the recent historical occurrences. Laws addressing issues such as cryptocurrency, drones, data privacy, cybercrimes/breach, as well as e-commerce. In-house counsel are increasingly becoming more acknowledged in the corporate sector, contradictory to the former assumption that they are solely "cost-centric." Any IT breach must be notified within six hours, according to Prof. Amar. This is unquestionably a monumental effort, and companies lack the means to accomplish this task without the counsel of attorneys that specialise in IT. The pandemic prolonged and Advocates had no choice but to adapt as the outbreak continued. They are now content since they can communicate with their clients and the courts and handle their cases from any location. Prof. Amar claims that just over two years ago, advocates were hesitant to use technology because they believed the pandemic-related circumstances would soon improve. In addition to academic knowledge, teachers and students are recommended to acquire Soft Skills. He asserted that if he had to recruit a young lawyer, he would consider if the prospect had a blazing desire to learn, was motivated, and performed ethically. He concluded by saying that the New Age Careers for Lawyers would undoubtedly include Risk Management, Compliances, Public Policy, Online Dispute Resolution, and IT. After Prof. Amar Sundram's speech, there was a question-and-answer session.

Some of the outcomes in the area of academia of the well-orchestrated lecture were collaborations for research papers, conference papers, book chapters, MOU for research guidance, etc., and alliances in funded research, while placements, research paper alliances, and research guidance such as summer training programmes and dissertation work covered the industrial level of learning. With young attorneys learning to educate themselves and also assist others in the ideal pathway with their will and knowledge, society will also equally benefit in the spectrum of education. The lecture aimed at educating the students about the industry's expectations of young law professionals and the skills required by them to meet the challenges posed by the changing dimensions of legal career.

In his closing remarks, Maj Gen PK Sharma (Retd) thanked Prof. Amar Sundram for his insightful notions and for elucidating the pertinent issues for the audience's benefit. He also thanked Mr Pranshul Pathak, Coordinator ALS and Mr Ravi Shankar Tiwary, DEO for their flawless coordination of the Event, and the IT Team for smooth Online conduct of the Lecture.