12 Dec 2022|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Amity School of Architecture and Planning Organised Seminar on “Tropical Architecture & Sustainable Architecture: Perspectives From Florida


Dr. Vandana Baweja discussed how to design sustainable structures by taking the local climate into account

Amity School of Architecture and Planning organized a seminar on “Tropical Architecture and Sustainable Architecture: Perspectives from Florida” on 12th December 2022.


Dr. Ila Gupta made the welcoming address after Ar. Meenu Babu had introduced the speaker. In her talk, Dr. Vandana Baweja discussed how to design sustainable structures by taking the local climate into account. Examples from Florida's tropical architecture were included in her presentation. She also discussed the possibilities for pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Florida's architecture department.As the event's main speaker, Dr. Vandana Baweja, an associate professor at the University of Florida, emceed the proceedings. It is crucial for architects and planners to know how to design properly. A design that responds to the social and climatic setting would be considered responsible. How to Achieve Thermal Comfort was discussed in the seminar.

Several opportunities for collaboration were discussed, including how the school could work with the speaker to conduct workshops for students and with the University of Florida to conduct pedagogical workshops or faculty development programmes (FDPs) in December 2024. It was also discussed how to conduct hands-on activities or workshops in the future for architecture and planning students as well as research colloquia, FDPs, or workshops for faculty. The seminar improved the students' understanding of the value of sustainable architecture and the creation of buildings that are sensitive to their surroundings. The Webinar gave the students a better understanding of how to construct a structure that adapts to its surroundings. A presentation about the University of Florida's Masters programmes was also shown by the speaker.