18 Apr 2024|Gurgaon (Manesar)

A Hospital Visit by ABS & CRC on April 18, 2024,


A Hospital Visit by ABS & CRC on April 18, 2024,

 The visit by Amity Business School & Corporate Resource Centre to CK Birla Hospital on April 18, 2024, offered students a firsthand glimpse into the intricacies of hospital operations. Witnessing the dedication and teamwork within the hospital showcased how every individual and department contributes to delivering quality patient care.

The aim of the visit was to provide insights into the inner workings of a multi-speciality hospital and emphasized the significance of integrated management towards achieving common goals. Understanding the mission of CK Birla Hospital - to bring global standards of clinical expertise and care to patients and their families - further underscored the importance of quality healthcare delivery and patient-centric approaches.

In conclusion, the visit to CK Birla Hospital was not only educational but also inspirational for the students. It broadened their understanding of the healthcare industry and reinforced the importance of teamwork, dedication, and patient-centric care in achieving excellence