Students Testimonials

  • Punya Sharma (Hons)  2014

    Punya Sharma (Hons)  2014

    “Besides having a positive influence on student’s employability, the time spent abroad can develop their personality in many ways.” 

  • Anand Dhull (Hons)  2014

    Anand Dhull (Hons)  2014

    “SAP has been designed to provide the students of Amity an excellent opportunity to gain international exposure so as to build up their knowledge, expertise and rich quality experience.”

  • Vansh Vashishta

     BBA 2014

    Vansh Vashishta

     BBA 2014

    Going to Singapore on SAP was one of my best experience, meeting international students and studying with them gave me a lot of experience and changed my view about Business.”

  • Humairah Hamid

    M.Tech (ECE)  2015-17

    Humairah Hamid

    M.Tech (ECE)  2015-17

    Amity has played a vital role in bringing out the best in me. The thing I admire most about Amity is the support that I have received from everyone at college. The values learnt here would help me to grow in my professional and personal life. Being an ECE student, I have not only developed skills in my field but also in various other fields. My guide right from the beginning helped me and provided me with various opportunities. I am grateful to all the faculty members and mentors for being supportive.

  • Jatin Garg

    B. Tech (CSE)2014-18

    Jatin Garg

    B. Tech (CSE)2014-18

     Amity University, Gurugram is a great place to study, enjoy and meet new friends. The faculties are well versed and competent in their subjects and quite helping and nurturing towards the student.  The In-house events like Sangathan and weekly Behavioral Studies classes bolster our confidence and help us in dealing with real world problems. With numerous Seminars, workshops and technical events around the year we get to known the latest “going-on” about the world and in that process learn something new every day.