A team of two students, Sanit Srivastava and Sujay Poojary, from Mechanical Engineering (B. Tech. 2014-2018) made a Human Powered Vehicle. As the name suggests, the vehicle is powered with the help of human power. The power from human legs is transferred to the manual treadmill belt which is attached to big rollers on both ends of the vehicle. The roller on rear part of the vehicle, which is attached to rear wheels, provides power to rear wheels. Power is given to rear wheels so that there is more torque provided compared to front wheels while driving. There is an angle provided so that vehicle can be run with less effort. A block is added to the front axle to create an angle. A gear is built at rear axle to augment gear reduction. Rollers are provided between two big rollers to make movement easy. A gap is provided between two sets of rollers to avoid falling from rollers. A set of tyres of an unused cycle are used so that there is an ease of getting up and down from the vehicle as well as making it cost efficient. Other components of the unused bicycle such as handle, brakes, horn and a headlight (connected to a battery) have been used by students to make this vehicle.