Students Testimonials

  • Jincy Thomas


    Jincy Thomas


     Studying at Amity has been a good experience for me as a BBA student. The university offers excellent infrastructure and a brilliant team of efficient faculty members who help in practical application of real life examples during the sessions. The peaceful campus ambience helps me improve my personal attitude. Amity is a choice that I will always be proud of. It is helping me to develop my skills and my personality by participating in various activities organized in the campus. I definitely recommend Amity University Mumbai for Business Studies.

  • Rahul Varma


    Rahul Varma


     Being a part of the pioneering batch of Amity Mumbai has been a fantastic experience. I found the quality of the academic teaching with hands on learning experience, unparalleled. This combination is really working and I feel that I have been developing in terms of management knowledge and skills. The large infrastructure helps me develop my extra- curricular skills as well. I continue to be very satisfied with my choice of attending AUM and would highly recommend it to everyone.

  • Pooja Sharma


    Pooja Sharma


     Amity University Mumbai BBA programme has provided me a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management. A beautiful and colossal campus setting, lectures with interesting insights, an intimate learning environment, a focus on individual personal development and a team based approach make learning at Amity University Mumbai a truly stimulating experience. What sets Amity apart is how they partner with the industry to give you access to companies and an opportunity to test those skills with the industry partners.

  • Mohammad Anas Shoebullah Khan

    Mohammad Anas Shoebullah Khan

    It is said that 'It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities'. As a student of law at Amity University Mumbai, I have had hectic yet intellectual sessions and the debates, seminars and mock parliaments plus the comfortable environment of the classroom have made me more confident and wise in my approach to the study of law

  • Anushka Rajeev Nair

    Anushka Rajeev Nair

    A university should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning and I strongly believe Amity University, Mumbai is one of the best places that offers students to grow and nurture holistically. Over this one year that I have been part of this college I have been able to excel academically due to the constant support of the ever enthusiastic staff as well as be part of all co-curricular events. Amity has given a lot of opportunities to me with regards to my particular field of interest and has helped me by extending my horizons for future prospects. I am proud to be a part of Amity University, Mumbai.

  • Akanksha Kashyap

    Akanksha Kashyap

    Quoted by Albert Einstein, “The value of college education is not the learning of facts but the training of mind to think.” Amity University Mumbai gives my mind the space to grow. As a journalism student, Amity University has given me numerous opportunities important for my growth in future. From seminars to studio visits to exhibitions, the university not only provides facts but a practical outlook to the course. The supportive and enthusiastic faculty provides me with the courage and motivation to stand up and excel even if I fail once. I am proud to be an Amitian.

  • Surabhi Adhikari

    Surabhi Adhikari

    It is said that ‘the future depends on what we do in the present.’ I am happy about the fact that my present is here at Amity University Mumbai. The encouraging classroom atmosphere has always being a boost to my confidence. Amity makes learning easier and fun. The supportive faculty members and their wonderful teaching style makes me fall in love with my course even more.