04 May 2020|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Panel Discussion on Art, Culture & Values as the Savior of Humankind during COVID-19


Webinar on Art, Culture & Values as the Savior of Humankind during COVID-19

Amity Center for Sanskrit and Indic Studies, Amity School of Liberal Arts and Amity Skills Institute, University Haryana invited art leaders and influencers to share how they are adapting to their new realities and to discuss the role that art, culture and values plays in promoting a positive and creative thinking in response to the pandemic. Also discussed was how this crisis might reshape societies and the kind of conversations that artists and cultural influencers can help lead during these challenging times.

Padmashree  Shovana Narayan talked about India’s rich art and cultural heritage and what according to her contributes to the value system in India. She talked about her journey from a bureaucrat to an artist. She was kind and enterprising enough to charm and enchant the audience and the participants, in that fortunate and opportune moment, by showing some Kathak mudras and Bhavas expressing the present Corona crisis.

Being an artist, a writer and an inspiring leader for youth, Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof (Dr) Padmakli Banerjee talked about how she thinks art, culture and values can help humans deal with crises like the present Coronavirus crisis.

Professor Sanjay  Kumar Jha, as the head of Amity School of Liberal Arts and Liberal Arts is the center stage of human values, spoke on how Liberal Arts or the values emanating from Liberal Arts can play the role of a savior for the humankind in this ongoing pandemic of Corona.

Dr. Padmakali Banerjee, Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University Gurugram gave concluding remarks with her pearls of wisdom words. 


Moderators, Dr. Reena Nigam and Dr. Supriya Sanju did a splendid job by keeping the session well cataloged and gripping.