24 Sep 2021|Gurgaon (Manesar)

Panel Discussion on "Harnessing Opportunity of Green Energy in era of Climate Change


Panel Discussion on "Harnessing Opportunity of Green Energy in era of Climate Change”

Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Amity University Gurugram organized Panel Discussion on “Harnessing Opportunity of Green Energy in era of Climate Change” on 24th September 2021.

The main objective of the event was to understand different perspective of opportunities available in Bioenergy sector a Panel Discussion of eminent researchers in area of Bioenergy was organized at Amity School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. 

Prof. Dr. P.B. Sharma , Vice Chancellor Amity University Haryana threw light on the area where he mentioned that we can absorb the CO2 that we pump and can reutilize it more efficiently and Even with waste we can do the same thing and contribute to the greener environment. 

Dr. I.S. Thakur, Director, Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Amity university Haryana emphasized on the environmental issues occurring in the contemporary scenario, which includes the role of various global warming gases emission and how could they be controlled, mitigation strategies to minimise their impacts.  

Dr. Ashok. K. Pandey, Scientist, CSIR –IITR, mentioned were the utilization of CO2 in a manner where it cannot be harmful to the environment. He mentioned about the contribution of greenhouse gases to global warming with percentage of past time and future estimated quantity can tell us about how critical the situation is Infact huge lightning strikes and sea ice melt caps in Artic also confirms it. 


Dr. Venkata Mohan, Scientist, CSIR –IITR discussed about Green hydrogen circular economy that will help to reduce the global temperature, He also said that 'Biowaste' is the best source recovery. 


Dr. Sunil Khare , Chair Professor, IIT Delhi discussed 'Green Energy' as well and spoke how the high number of petrobased refineries uses kerosenes, Gasolines, He also threw light on agrocrop waste utilization and utilization of Eutactic solvents (cheaper solution) instead of Ionic liquids to produce value added products as well. 


Dr. Sachin Kumar, Dy. Director/Scientist, SSS-NIBE, Discussed about about how natural gas be utilized to reduce the level of CO2, in addition he also talked about to CO2 collection, its purification and its sequestration. 

Dr. Kushagra Rajendra, Head of Department, Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences discussed about the green energy as promising alternatives for a cleaner and greener future.  


Overall, it was very informative panel discussion for all the faculties. 


Panel Discussion on "Harnessing Opportunity of Green Energy in era of Climate Change”