Beyond Academics

Personality Development

Enhancing Confidence to Stay Ahead

Mentor-mentee system:

An important and significant feature of Amity is the Mentor-Mentee system. As part of this, each student who joins the University is assigned a Faculty member who works as the mentor of the student till the student passes out.

The objective of mentoring is to recognize the potential of students and help improve their self-esteem and confidence. One hour is fixed every week for the students to come and meet the mentor, and share his/her problems/difficulties which may be both academic and personal.

The mentor counsels the students on different issues that a student raises, and guides him/her in a positive and caring manner.

All round development

Amity believes in the all-round development of students. To achieve this, special sessions and classes are held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills, effective communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills.

All Post-graduate students undertake a week-long military training whose aim is to toughen them mentally and physically, besides teaching them team work and helping them improve their self-confidence.

Besides this, all students are required to be members of clubs/committees of their choice. This gives them an opportunity to further their interests and improve their organizational skills.

Students are also encouraged to take part in sports, both on and off the campus.


Military Training

Making You a True Leader

All post-graduate students of Amity are required to undertake elementary military training as part of their course.

The training is of one week duration and includes activities like pitching tent, setting up camp, physical training, field craft, field engineering, weapon training, map reading, fire fighting, route march, ceremonial drill etc. Adventure activities like para sailing, trekking and zorbing are also undertaken.

Imbibing the Spirit of Discipline and Patriotism

Extra Curricular Activities

In keeping with the Amity vision of making its students become global citizens, the Amity School of Languages offers courses in the following four foreign languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese

It is mandatory for each student to select any one foreign language of his/her choice as part of the course.

To make it easy to master a foreign language, the classroom teaching is complemented with special programmes. These include:
  • Language Expo

    The Language Expo is a great way for a student to learn a foreign language, and to acquire knowledge about the country’s dress, food, culture, cities, monuments, politics, history, sports, media, celebrities etc. Students build models, make short films, and develop presentations on areas of their interest. They even make dishes and design dresses to portray the culture of the country.

  • Cinefeel

    Foreign films are screened regularly for the students under this programme. The screenings are accompanied by a talk from a language expert. The films expose the learner to the non-verbal aspects that go hand in hand with the verbal communication.

  • Cultural activities

    Amity School of Languages also organizes cultural shows where students stage skits, songs, dances, mimes and recitations in the language of their choice.

Teaching Pedagogy

Communicative Method at par with recent International trends in language pedagogy is used to teach foreign language. Language classes are taken with pedagogical aids like audio cassettes. Videos are also produced by teachers to make learning effective and joyous.

Language Laboratory

AUR has a very sophisticated Language Laboratory, which is used by students to master effective verbal communication.


Values & Ethics

101 Attributes of an Amitian

Amity lays great stress on inculcating ethics and values among students. The students are exposed to IndianSanskaras through workshops, lectures and group exercises.

They are simultaneously given good grounding in modern behavioral practices so that they can conduct themselves with dignity before industry leaders. At Amity, tradition blends with modernity.


Expert Personal & Professional Advice

Amity believes that each student should be happy, and enjoy his/her stay on the campus. To achieve this goal, trained counselors have been appointed to provide prompt assistance on issues related to health and emotional wellness.

The Counsellors address the students’ needs through one-on-one counselling. They help the students build confidence, optimism, hope and resilience.

The students can seek the services of the Counsellors on their own. At times, they are referred by Faculty members when they notice sudden changes in the academic performance of students, withdrawal from others, inexplicable changes in behavior etc.


Flexi Credit Courses

The Flexi credit courses empower the students to select courses of their choice and complete them at their convenience.

Of course, there is a clear time band when it comes to course completion but within this time band the students can mix and match the courses they want to pursue. It is this flexibility that makes these courses so unique. Each student, under this system, can pace his/her learning.