The Bioprocess engineering is an ever growing field since it is combination of natural resources, Science and technology. The basic science provides us about the knowledge about the living organisms such as plants, animals, bacteria and fungi but the bioprocess engineering helps in development of the essential skills required to utilize the living organisms for the betterment of the human beings and the nature itself. The one of the important example of significance of bioprocess engineering was in the development of recombinant insulin where in the bacterial cells were genetically engineered to produce the mammalian protein that was basic insulin hormone.

The earlier production was by sacrificing large number of cattle for deriving the insulin hormone from cattle pancreas. The amount of insulin obtained was also very limited but then by using principles of bioprocess engineering it was possible to produce insulin hormone using cloned E.Coli cells that are capable of multiplying under artificial conditions and also able to synthesize enough insulin hormone.

This is not only a single example that prove importance of bioprocess engineering and there are many more to it. In current situation also where Covid 19 has emerged as one of the severe pandemic of century, the biotechnologists work hard to develop vaccine against it. In future the bioprocess engineering would be required to scale up the production of the vaccine.

Dr. S.S.Lakhawat

Amity University Rajasthan