Emerging Biotechnological Products for Combating Covid-19 and Strengthening the Defence System


The spread of Covid-19 at global level crashes the medical facility and economy and defence forces of many countries and indicating the role of such bio-war agents in the future wars. Medical Technology can tackle the problems related to tracking, testing and treating Covid-19. However, there is a need to find out the solutions to diagnose, treat and prevent the spread of disease. In this situation of Covid-19, there is rapid rise in the different disciplines of Biotechnology which put all efforts to support Medical Technology. Biotechnology is pushing the research in the development of rapid diagnostic tools and techniques and medicines, drugs and vaccines and low-cost technology for their production. Besides, information of Covid-19 genome will help in identifying specific genetic variants and controlling the severity of the disease. Biotechnological products-based companies and pharmaceutical industries play an important role in the ongoing Covid-19 crisis (see figure). One should not forget the effect of bio-war agents like Covid-19 on future wars. National defence power can also be enriched and strengthen by future warfare agents and protective aids in which Biotechnology will be a boon for country’s defence.

Dr. Shweta Kulshreshtha
Amity Institue of Biotechnology
Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan