Red Biotechnology


Seed Technology is a science dealing with the methods of improving genetic and physical characteristic of seeds. Its study is necessary for two reasons firstly; the advent of hybrid and high yielding varieties oplants of immense economic importance has necessitated great care in the maintenance and preservation of the seed. The high quality which the plant breeders have synthesised in these new hybrids/varieties resulted in an improved source of food, Feed and fibre. Secondly, seed production is to evolve as a prime enterprise as it has been characteristically handed down through the centuries. Much of our success in increasing food production has been due to the development of seed enterprise over the past decade. However much remain to be done since Seed demand at present is strongly growing , unsatisfied and expected to continue expanding. One of the most vital keys to success in our endeavour to build up seed industry in the country is to maintain a large cadre of well trained and competent seed technologists or biotechnologist in future.

Dr. Sunil Kumar,
Assistant Professor,

Amity University Rajasthan