Breaking Monotony of the Stereotypical Education System


Amity University Raipur has scripted a great success story for itself in a short span of time and deservingly so. World-class infrastructure and facilities for students are paramount for all campuses of Amity across India and the globe. Highly qualified faculty and advanced teaching methodology contribute equally to the stature that the University has attained.

Amity University Raipur

Amity’s Founder President, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan sir believes in enriching the students with values and culture, in addition to providing them with focused and exemplary academic learning. Having spent decades in corporate and academic pursuits, my thoughts resonate with Dr. Chauhan’s.  We must not lose what our forefathers have taught us and our actions must reflect it. I always encourage and guide students towards holistic learning as it is Amity’s endeavour to set the highest benchmark for quality education.

I quote this example of ancient times’ Gurukul-education to my students, to highlight the importance of values and culture. Gurukuls focused on overall development of students. Besides the regular teachings from the Gurus, the disciples would learn self-discipline and practical learning of everyday life to become just, impartial and noble individuals. This is what made Gurukul system the epitome of quality education.

We believe every student of Amity possesses some unique talent which is above and beyond the flair of academic learning. The students must pursue their interests with firm belief and they will carve out a name for themselves. Notwithstanding the generalization imposed by society that defines success by financial standing of an individual, students must approach their goals, not allowing anyone to belittle their dreams or standing in the way of it.

Also, while it is completely fair for Parents to expect their children to get good jobs, make a living and earn respect, it is also our responsibility as parents and teachers to support our children to enable them to grow in the fields of their choosing. We must acknowledge that constant comparison with fellow students or pushing them only towards materialistic gains can make them question their competence and lose their originality. It is us, whose guidance and support is what our children require the most at this time

To encourage students, Amity provides them with multiple opportunities to grow professionally and personally by participating in events and inter/intra-college activities for practical learning. Every student is assigned a mentor who guides them through the years they spend in Amity and even after that. Each of our students should make the best of their time spent on campus, channelize their energy in right direction and strive to achieve the success they dream of.