Amity R and D Hub


Prof. Rajendra Prasad
Dean Research
Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology
Amity University Gurugram

Amity Research and Innovation based education is Redefining the Higher Education Landscape

Amity University Gurugram, a part of Amity Educational Group, is a Research & Innovation driven University that has fostered the ideal environment to accelerate learning and creativity by adopting value added teaching & knowledge dissemination. Due to the rapidly evolving dynamics it is essential that, traditional learning evolves into blended teaching. Amity Gurugram has been putting constant efforts to provide ‘smart learning’ to the students to make them better equipped to face modern day challenges.

The intellectual workforce at Amity University Gurugram includes alumni of world-renowned institutions like UCSF and UCLA, USA, NUS, Singapore; Max Planck, Germany, Birmingham University, UK to name a few. The faculties spend maximum efforts to amalgamate research and teaching together considering that a balance of the two activities is a must for providing the impetus to the university’s research and innovation drive. Amity Gurugram runs approximately 52 extramural research projects running in parallel with the teaching program in their research cluster labs. The research clusters work actively in domains of Cancer Biology, Stem Cells, Nanotechnology, Infectious Disease, Plant-Microbe Interaction, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. Amity University Gurugram has recently developed Central Instrumentation Research Facility (CIRF), DST sponsored FIST Centers and Bionova Lab with a team of industry connect collaborators like in- campus GE Healthcare Centre for Proteomics and Genomics. The facility introduces the students to hands-on experimentation skills and practical scientific know-hows. National and international conferences, symposia, workshops are successfully coordinated to develop a network of global scientific communities in Lipid Biology, Molecular Medicine, Infectious Disease, Yeast Transport Energetics in India, Blockchain Technology.

Certainly, this kind of push is benefiting the students from bachelor’s to PhDs alike. The students carry out in-house dissertations, thus, getting an early exposure to advanced levels of science.

Making Students Industry-ready

Amity’s education system is centered around knowledge dissemination with a practical understanding of technological advancements and emphasis on communication and soft skills for the current high-paced work demands. This approach has enabled the university to generate a skilled and talented workforce in every batch of it’s students. The development of industry integrated initiatives with the objective to reduce the academia-industry gap and exposure to latest technology has also led Amity Gurugram to start “GE HEALTHCARE Centre of Excellence”. Such academia-industry joint ventures and partnership help the students acquire diverse skill sets and gain an edge of others in the professional environment.

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