Art has immense power to represent one's thoughts. With Visual Art, ideas and concepts can travel through times and civilizations to reach the audience without textual presentation. For ages, people have used images to communicate example, Primitive Cave Art and the present time murals. Both in the past and present, there are so many art examples which do not require any written matter to communicate.

What is art? What does art say?

Art is drawing, painting, murals, sculpture, illustration, installations and many other art objects to dare assumptions, to support a cause, and many times to explore deep personal questions. Throughout history, art has been used to support many causes including social, political and religious.

Through art, the artists express their thoughts and feelings with greater intensity than may be possible in words. It is scientifically proven that every individual thinks and interprets things differently. So to make the idea more impactful and understandable, many artists in modern times use words or dialogue to complement their artwork and reach the audience with the same intensity and feeling.

Conclusion - Communication through art can be done in many ways, it does not rely on words but words certainly complement the art as it makes it easy to relate and acknowledged.

Ms. Shreshtha Khichi
Assistant Professor
Amity School of Fine Arts(ASFA)
Amity University Jaipur

Amity School Of Fine Arts