Amity University Jaipur’s Online Orientation Commences Warmly With A Havan


The 2020 Orientation Programme for the new batch of students was kicked off at Amity University, Jaipur campus on 31st August. The havan has been the traditional kick-starter of most Amity events in its numerous campuses and has become part of its DNA since the institution’s initiation, and a clear signal of its attitude of incorporating the best of both Indian and Western tradition.

Watched live by an audience of thousands of prospective students and their families, the havan and subsequent orientation programme continued from 31st August till the 4th of September.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Amity University, Jaipur, Prof. (Dr) Amit Jain inaugurated the orientation programme as per the prescribed format, informing the students in detail about the rules, regulations, facilities, classes and various programmes of the university, very clearly emphasizing the importance of the 5-day programme.

Prof. Jain congratulated the students in taking the first big step in pursuing higher education and for ‘making the right choice’ with one of the ‘most widespread and global educational institutions of India, Amity University.’ But then was quick to remind them that education was not ‘a one-time affair’ and how ‘instructions end in the classroom, but learning continues through one's life.’

Prof. Jain lauded founder president of Amity University, Mr. Ashok Chauhan for his vision, which has led to the establishment of Amity Group as one of the largest education groups in India, with 10 universities in the country, in addition to 15 campuses overseas, whose ambition is to have at least one Amity campus in every state in India besides also extolling the Hon’ble Chairperson-cum-Chancellor, the guiding light of Amity, Mr. Aseem Chauhan for his innovation and entrepreneurship.

He also touched upon the various Centers of Excellence being nurtured inside of Amity, such as the Amity Center for Positivism and Happiness, Amity Centre for Ocean, Atmospheric Science and Technology (COAST), Yunus Social Business Center (YSBC), Amity Center for Mycobacterial Disease Research (ACMDR) and the Amity Interdisciplinary Center for Climate Research and Policy (AICCRP) to name a few.

During the 5-day programme, various faculties and Head of Institution had online interactions with the students, informing the latter about the rules, curriculum, classes to be taken under the Choice Based Credit System and also the Value Added Programme.

During the orientation programme, talented students displayed cultural performances from their respective locations, which were watched and appreciated by thousands online.

Any programme is incomplete without the words of eminent speakers, especially high-achievers, whom the students can look up to. And, in this orientation programme these were from dignitaries such as the CHRO of, Dr. Anil Kumar Misra, who was the Guest of Honor, and, UN Global Compact Network India Executive Director Kamal Singh, the Chief Guest (on September 1); Dr. Jignesh Shah, Vice President, Human Resource, Monte Carlo Limited, Guest Speaker (on September 2); Mr. Dayanand Allapur, Global Head of Human Resources, Cognizant Digital Operations as Chief Guest (on September 3), and, Dr. Lezlo Josa from Hungary, Chief Guest, all of whom offered valuable words of wisdom to the students.

In his talk, Mr. Kamal Singh, the UN Global Compact Network India Executive Director, referred to the changing business environment due to Covid-19 and the kind of manager and leaders the industry looks up to and wants. He emphasized the leadership qualities of Indians by referring to the fact that some 37 global companies are headed by Indians. He also brought up the Eagle analogy cited by Prof. Jain equating with excellence. He talked about developing a ‘positive attitude’ and inculcating a ‘passion to win’, while also developing qualities such as ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’, ‘flexibility’ ‘adaptability’ and ‘Speed’ and the ‘ability to execute ideas’ as qualities for success. He also highlighted on the need for ‘ethics and values’ for success, giving numerous examples of companies who have risen to the top and others who have gone bust because they didn’t follow the ethics.

Mr Anil Misra talked about turning soft skills into life-skills,’ ‘adaptability’ and saying individual brilliance and ability is not enough, but how in the corporate world it is the ability to take people along, to reach out to people when they are in need, which matters more. He pointed out how management institutes through their curriculum are turning that individual brilliance into a team-driven approach.

He also pointed out the difference between invention and innovation, defining the latter as ‘tiny, tiny improvements you do every day.’ While also highlighting ‘digital savviness’, network-ability,’ ‘design-thinking,’ ‘empathy,’ etc., as some of the qualities corporate hirers look for in would-be employees.

Dr Jignesh Shah, Vice President, Human Resource, Monte Carlo Limited, Guest Speaker (on September 2), in his unique way began his speech with a parable, before moving on to his ’10 pearls of wisdom,’ which he shared with those watching.

Mr. Yagnya Valkya Misra
Assistant Professor
Print Journalism and Media Research
Amity School of Communication (ASCO)

Amity University Rajasthan