Eshan of Amity grabs the best cinematography award by internationally acclaimed Film making Institute


The Law of Attraction says that you are a living magnet and that you consistently attract into your life, the idea, the people, the opportunity and circumstances in harmony with your overriding thoughts. Same attraction was caressed by Eshan Harsh, student of Amity University Rajasthan.

The eighteen-year-old overachiever bagged the best cinematography award by Jharkhand International Film Festival 2020, an internationally acclaimed institution for film making.

Amity University Rajasthan

Eshan Harsh pursuing bachelor’s in Film & Television Production is a first semester student of Amity University Rajasthan. Harsh made this pandemic time dynamic for him by enhancing dynamism in his favourite filed i.e., Cinematography. Harsh shares that he is Jaipur based photojournalist, film director; a youth juror for Reel Youth Film Festival, Canada & State Executive Member of Indian Film Makers Association, Rajasthan. His story does not end in preserving memberships; adding gem to his crowning glory he is the maker of five successful short films which have been screened in various film festivals across the globe and have won awards. A learner with envisioned mission and vision dreams of winning not one but many Oscars. Eshan shares that Joining Amity University Rajasthan is a path making decision of his life. He has crystal clear aims which he is confident his institution would mould in a striking shape of success.

His award-winning short film, “Jaipur Activists: Are We Really Doing Our Job” targets today’s youngsters who believe only in taking initiatives and not completing the mission behind it. Through his films he courageously damages the complacent attitude of the children of his own age. Eshan has not only gratified his parents and teachers; the worldwide success of his films speaks something more than visible. At such a tender age he is successful in touching both tender and much more mature minds.

Dr. Parul Mishra
Associate Professor (Amity School of Languages)
Amity University Jaipur, Rajasthan