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Amity School of Architecture & Planning at Amity University Rajasthan has, active researchers, experienced faculty members and building scientists, who combine distinguished teaching and praxis experience, research outputs and publications in established international journals. The school acts as a key research organization between industry, government and research organizations servicing the built environment.

Amity University Rajasthan

The research streams in the department focus on environmental viability, climate-responsive architecture, social, economic and cultural sustainability and waste to value areas identified by national and international industry stakeholders, as the key areas that will drive productivity and research development in the institute. The institute addresses sustainability challenges connected to urban and rural environments, from local to global. Interdisciplinary studies are initiated in the school through catalyzing the broad and innovative knowledge base at the Amity School of Architecture & Planning, in synergy with other disciplines at Amity University Rajasthan.

Our research strategy, themes, and topics are founded on critical issues for academic research and praxis and reflect recent regional and global discourses about architecture and urbanism. The research is aimed at contributing to the advancement of knowledge that informs architectural technology, design and planning practices, that contributes to the creation of livable environments, and that reflects an ethical responsibility toward the environment, culture, and society. In this endeavor, the institute aims to actively engage with UG students, faculty and research scholars, and find empirical solutions for vexed urban issues.

We look at research from two perspectives:

  • Research that seeks to understand the future through a better understanding of the past, i.e., research that tests accepted ideas,
  • Research that probes new ideas and concepts that will shape the future, i.e., research that develops new visions and conceptual understandings.

Therefore, our research focus is wide in scope and addresses a spectrum of issues that are technically oriented, conceptually focused, and/or philosophically and historically driven in the field. Amity School of Architecture and Planning scales heights of excellence with the vision of becoming an enduring world-class institution for research and knowledge of sustainability and resilient urbanism; creative, inclusive and universal building design; sustainable construction and management, smart/green infrastructure and technologies, smart and appropriate materials; and lastly, to enhance the performance of India’s built environment industry.

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Mr. Bhavesh Joshi
Assistant Professor
Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP)
Amity University Jaipur (Rajasthan)