Sangathan 2020 Online Celebration


Sangathan is an event that inculcates the value of leadership and sportsmanship in students. Sangathan 2019 was ne such event. It began with the lighting of the Mashal, followed by students, faculties and non-teaching staff members participating and competing in over 30+ sports like volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, tennis, chess, cricket, athletics, etc. Students showcased their best talents in sports to procure the final trophy. Amity Law School with all their dedication and hard work won the overall trophy of Sanghathan-2019. The perfect mélange of sports ended with a march past by students. Students also performed in a cultural night to add vibrancy to the event. Sanghathan was followed by Maha Sangathan.

Amity University Rajasthan

This was about the Sangathan 2019. We all know how life has changed in this year.

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it's that no matter what, life goes on. There might be little breaks and bumps down the road, but we don't give up.

We here at Amity University Jaipur believe in holistic learning, and just like our online classes, we made our online events a possibility and a success too.

Recently Amity University Jaipur conducted one of its major, mega-events, Sangathan - which culminates in the Founder’s Day celebrations, observed in honor of Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President - Amity University. We conducted the event amidst a pandemic, which was a huge success. Traditionally students compete in around 35 different sports, but due to the current situation and the social distancing that we are following, we resorted to online celebration.

Activities such as staying fit challenges, online sports quiz, chess competitions, and Yoga videos were participated in quite enthusiastically. The students left no stone unturned to showcase their sportsmanship and zeal for the event. It was like they never left the university.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Amit Jain addressed us about the achievements of Amity University Jaipur in the year 2020. There were many milestones and records set, which proved that even if stuck at home, the family at Amity University Jaipur never fails to amaze, be it in academics, sports or extra - circulars.

This was followed by a message by Brig. (Retd) Govind Singh Rathore, where he addresses us about the meaning and significance of Sangathan all through the years. He expresses immense pleasure by such enthusiasm and active participation in the event by the students.

This was followed by a small cultural event which included beautiful Rajasthan dance and elegant classical dances. The performances were pre-recorded but the heart and hard work that went in their making was clearly visible. The cultural event was overall mesmerizing.

The glimpses of last year's Sangathan was shown too, which was celebrated with the utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

Amity University has always risen above all and shone the brightest. Sangathan 2020 was one such event where we proved that even though miles apart, Amity University gives it its best shot. All in all it was another successful event under the belt.

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Swarnika Pandey
BA (H) English Sem-lll
Amity School of Languages