Global Citizen: the need of the hour


International Exposure is a key word to make oneself into a Global Citizen. Amity University Rajasthan (AUR) is a pioneering institute in that direction and has been offering multiple opportunities to the students to explore such interest areas. Studying abroad also has the advantage of gaining self-confidence and knowing oneself better. A student gains autonomy and maturity and develops the use of the coping skills in odd situations. There is a development in the personality. Students learn to reinvent themselves, to open up to others (especially in a shared apartment, with students from all over the world!). Out of the safe and familiar context of one’s home, one will be able to become mature, and will discover human wealth in all its aspects.  Amity University Rajasthan is a forerunner in this direction and has been offering Programs such a Study Abroad Program, Global Study Program (GSP)and 3 Continents Programs to enable students to give wings to their dreams for moving overseas. AUR has unfolded the GSP in Partnership with Esteemed Universities in countries like Canada, Australia, UK, US etc. These international courses have helped the students to stay connected with these Foreign Universities through the Online Mode and thereby experience a world class exposure with the Academicians and Industry Experts to enhance their skills. When the situation normalizes, these students would travel to the home country of the partner University.  The total immersion in a foreign country, helps a student to practice the language to communicate and to follow the lessons given, which allow him/her to progress much more quickly. Students returning from a semester abroad are mostly almost bilingual. Going abroad also allows them to discover the culture of the host country, its habits and customs, and more generally its history.

Changing the country to do part of one’s studies also allows to learn new working and assessment methods. For example, in the United States, learning is more focused on interaction and collaboration than in some other countries. Finally, to a certain extent, studying abroad can more easily pave the way for certain selective careers. As far as internship and job search is concerned, the fact of being bilingual will develop essential skills for later success in the professional world, such as adaptability, autonomy and openness. All these skills are highly valued by recruiters, and even more so by those looking for candidates for large international groups. In this type of business, working groups are often made up of multiple nationalities. Also, during the studies abroad, one will also have developed a network of friends and contacts who can help find a career/ job. One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment. This enriching experience will enable you to see and do things you would not expect and meet people who have grown up in a different culture. For instance, while living abroad you will be able to try new foods, hear traditional music, have a go at local activities and explore everything else your host culture has to offer. So if one wants to grow academically, professionally and personally then one has to choose the  destination well according to the international professional perspectives.

Dr. Jaivardhan Singh Rathore
Assistant Professor, Amity School of Languages
Coordinator, Directorate of International Affairs
Amity University Rajasthan.

Amity University Rajasthan