Environmental Science and Technology


The 5-year program structure has been planned to provide the students concrete knowledge in the basic scientific and technical principles of technology which are applied to the analysis of the bio-chemical and biological risks that affect the environment and health. The program also consists of environmental modeling, management of biotechnology, intellectual & industrial property, environmental laws, as well as professional skills and ethical principles with regard to environmental activities. The program enables the students to place them in technical laboratories and higher studies.

Based on experience, overall observations regarding the students of environmental sciences may be highlighted as below:

  • Students are more enthusiastic and engaged in learning, which raises student achievement in core academic areas.
  • The experimental curriculum enables the students to connect with real world by interconnecting socially, ecologically, economically, culturally, and politically.
  • Critical and creative thinking skills are enhanced and environmental science helps in fostering a new generation of informed researchers, consumers, workers, and policy or decision makers.
  • Environmental Science promotes a sense of leadership, delivering and connecting through community involvement.
  • Environmental Science in combination with biotechnology helps students to understand how their decisions and actions affect the environment, builds knowledge and skills necessary to address and handle complex environmental issues like pandemic disease, etc.

Dr. Era Upadhyay
Associate Professor
Amity Institute of Biotechnology
Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan