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Biotechnology is the use of biological processes and components to provide useful products, services, and tools for a variety of applications. The widespectrum applications of biotechnology have been demonstrated empirically in diverse areas including Antimicrobial Resistance: Mechanism and Management, Regulatory Affairs, Biosafety Regulations, IPR (Intellectual property right), and Technology Transfer, Biochemical and molecular diagnostics in health care, Statistical Methods, Clinical Data Management, Microarray Technology, Tissue Engineering, Big Data for Life sciences and Genome engineering. Nextgeneration sequencing (NGS), CRISPR-mediated genome editing, biopharmaceutical product development, Biomanufacturing strategies (protein expression, fermentation, cell culture, downstream processing, and purification), and types of products, high-throughput omics technologies, vaccine discovery, development of non-genetically modified agronomically important crop specifically for global food security, alleviating biotic and abiotic stress responses in plants and mitigating environmental pollution. Biotechnologists are working on promising bioremediation for the treatment of new emerging contaminants. One of the emerging areas in biotechnology, which can play an important role in medicine, animal, and plant sciences. Biofuels from microalgae grips huge potential and advancing future, however, a fully competitive technology can be anticipated only after some time since much needed concerted efforts have to be done in this sector. Biocatalysts is an advanced area in drug development and discovery, promising developments in recombinant technology have additionally prolonged the choice of biocatalysts application to new green chemistry with high yields. The use of nanoparticles as carriers is anticipated to play a significant role in the target tissue specifically with low or negligible side effects. The pharmacokinetics of nanomedicines also improved with the slow delivery of the drug and a longer half-life in the bloodstream. The new emerging area of Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine has provided hope to replace damaged organs. Improvement in techniques is in full consideration, whereas Artificial Intelligence is quickly outcome it is way in the biotech industry. Recent investigations and development in stem cell research also create a new platform for emerging trends in biotech research and development. The percentage of the curriculum by the Biotechnology industry is mentioned in the figure.

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