Bio efficacy: Delivering processed with health value


The processing of food can be seen in ancient times as well. Many foods from land & aqua aren't readily edible; they all will have to be taken by the agro-food processing thereby it can be converted into edible cum convenient food to enter into all kinds of kitchens where it is further converted into more nutritious and palatable.

Fresh produce, like fruits and vegetables, is vital source of nutrients and health-promoting compounds. Hence it's important to develop technologies that may not only maintain the quality but may also control the biological hazards in postharvest, processing, and storage to boost their period. And here is where Food technology plays an important role; which includes a variety of processing methods, to preserve the food, attain edibility, remove toxic substances and also improve the standard.

Processing and latest packaging methods performed under controlled conditions, complete the process effectively. The events of newer technologies improve food safety and give rise to new products with unique attributes. Techniques like Osmo-drying, High-pressure processing, Electrical impedance spectroscopy, Ultrasound, Low water activity food, Vacuum frying, Intelligent and Smart packaging, etc., are a few promising, latest technologies aiming towards microbial safety and preventing undesirable changes in physicochemical and nutritional properties.

Demands on safety are greater than ever before. Food quality has increasingly become a selling factor as consumers rummage around for fresher, more natural and healthy products. The techniques in food technology will only always improve Product Quality, Availability, Accessibility, Sustainability, Fitness, and Wellnes

Dr. Jyoti Prabha Bishnoi

Amity University Rajasthan