02 Jul, 2021|Jaipur

Genomics Awareness Program- Industry Academia lecture Series


 Genomics is the study of the complete set of DNA of an organism, including its sequence, organization, function, and evolution. The study of genomics incorporates a wide variety of experimental, computational, and statistical methodologies and has been greatly accelerated in recent years with the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies. Since the HGP, almost every aspect of genomic research has changed-scope, technology, applications, and societal implications. Most large-scale genomic studies have transitioned from population-based to individual, often disease-based studies collecting coded but linked individual genomic and clinical information. Technological advances now provide scientists the opportunity to sequence the genome at a reasonable cost and there is a growing expectation that genomic information will soon be incorporated into routine clinical practice Effective genomics education is vital to advance our understanding of the rapidly developing field of genomics that influences our understanding of health, ancestry, and traits. 

The topic Genomic Awareness Program included the following areas 

· Genomics and its real-life application.

· Current Research Trends in Genomics.

· Career Opportunities in Genomics.

· Dissertation and Internship Opportunities.