Student Work

Quadcopter by a team of students in Amity School of Engineering & Technology (ASET)

Anirudh Gundimeda from B.Tech. (ECE) Batch 2013-2017, Vibhu Malik from B. Tech. (CSE) Batch 2014-2018 and Anirudh Swarankar from B. Tech. (CSE) Batch 2016-2020 created a Quadcopter. Quadcopter is an aerial machine used for surveillance, surrvey and rescue operations. The Quadcopter is attached with a wireless camera that provides users run time aerial footage having good resolution. The frame of this Quadcopter is indeed unique as it offers a large degree of versatility owing to its light weight. It consists of great power motors that give astonishing power to the propellers. The machine is designed to smoothly land Quadcopter.