Student Work

Indoor Air Purifier by a student of B. Tech. (MAE) in Amity School of Engineering & Technology (ASET)

Mr. Vaibhav Sharma from B. Tech. (MAE 2014-18) created an indoor air purifier. The presence of physical, chemical and biological contaminants in air is posing risk to many city dwellers. The indoor air pollution produces oxides of sulfur, arsenic, fluorine, aldehydes as well as volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds which are a threat to living creatures. The Indoor Air Purifier, prepared by students, is an amalgamation of HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon filter and ionizer. It reduces amount of pollutants as well as filter and provide fresh air to people. The HEPA filter is used to remove dust particles from air, anti-bacterial filter is to cease population of bacteria and viruses in indoor air, the ionizer is used to neutralize gas molecules and activated carbon filter eliminates odour. The air purifier checks the number of molecules by MQ series sensor. The efficiency of purifier is 62% at 0.78x0.30x0.45m region.