Student Work

Stair Climbing Mechanism by a team of students of B. Tech. (MAE) in Amity School of Engineering & Technology (ASET)

A group of students comprising Mr. Abhishek Sen, Mr. Karan Khichi and Mr. Atul Sharma from B. Tech. (MAE) (2014-18) developed Stair Climbing Mechanism. The project is designed to develop a working prototype for Stair Climbing Mechanism. A stair climbing mechanism is a semi-automated vehicle, which raises the capacity of wheel chair to climb on the stairs without any assistance. Stair climbing is one of the most attractive performances of mobile robot. The stair climbing mechanism is used for two purposes – to enhance capacity of wheel chair to climb on stairs and to shift heavy objects. It is a boon for people with special abilities, senior citizens and people unable to climb a fleet of stairs. This technology reduces physical and mental pain and eases the task of climbing stairs without assistance. It lends freedom of mobility to the user as well as lift/shift heavy objects from ground floor to top floor through the stairs.